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Sisi Nubi Shallow Gas Methodology: An Integrated Study For Future Field Development

Rahmad Hidayat, Aditya Suardiputra, Hermawan, Iswahyuni F-Hayati

Indonesian Petroleum Association

... Zoeppritz equation. AVO model was computed using SS-26 well data for gas sand, wet sand, and coal with shale as an encasing lithology. Low impedance gas...


Papers on Applied Geophysics: DISCUSSION

L. W. Blau

AAPG Bulletin

.... It is a singular fact that the classical papers by Rayleigh, Wiechert, Zoeppritz, Galitzin, Love, and Knott are a better guide for one about to embark...


Simultaneous Inversion Analysis using Rock Physics for Carbonate Reservoir Characterization in "Omicron" Field Kujung I Formation, North East Java Basin

Laila Annafi, Tomy Miarso

Indonesian Petroleum Association

...). The other method is by using prestack data. Zoeppritz stated that reflection coefficient is angle dependent. Therefore performing inversion on seismic angle...


Spherical Wave Model Tests of VSP-Based Q-Estimation Techniques

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... understanding of stratigraphic attenuation of seismic waves, we investigate the response to spherical waves of a simple density step model. The Weyl...


Abstract: AVO Crossplotting I: Processing and Calibration Considerations; #90171 (2013)

Heath Pelletier

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...” (or various other Zoeppritz approximation methodologies). True Amplitude, Preserved Amplitude, and Controlled Amplitude Controlled Phase (CACP) are a few...


Seismic Screening for Hydrocarbon Prospects Using Rock-Physics Attributes, #41608 (2015)

Per Avseth, Tor Veggeland

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...( DAI / AI ) Valid Offset gather f( D(Vp/Vs) / (Vp/Vs) ) AI AI Zoeppritz approx. breakdown . Vp/Vs Vp/Vs q Seismic inversion in a nutshell...


Implementation of an Exploration Workflow to Characterize a Low Poro-Perm Gas-Bearing Prospect Using Rock Physics Depth-Trends to Assist AVO Classification; #42348 (2019)

Jorge Adrian, Gervasio Robles

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... on the geological setting of interest. The interfaces AVO responses are computed using an approximation to the AVO Zoeppritz equation (Shuey), and AVO pdfs...


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Sandstone Reservoir Distribution of Cibulakan Formation Using Seismic Inversion Method: Extended Elastic Impedance (EEI), in Cemara Field, North West Java Basin

M. Rizky Harun, Lutfie Arlan Sandria, Asri Surya Ilhami, Adang Sukmatiawan, M. Razi

Indonesian Petroleum Association

... have lower Mu-Rho, whereas rigid rocks such as compacted sands or tight carbonate associate with bigger Mu-Rho. SST  SSG Coal *CO3 SS SH  SH...


Application of Extended Elastic Impedance Method and Seismic Stochastic Inversion to Mapping the Distribution of Sandstones and Gas-Sand in LAPANGŽ Field, West Natuna Basin, Indonesia

Gilvano Matthew, Ignatius Sonny Winardhi

Indonesian Petroleum Association

... the well data. EEI is derived by substitution in the linearized Zoeppritz equation: R = A + B tan X (1) Then, R cos X = (A + B tan X) cos X (2...


Cape Ford-I: A Case History of True Amplitude Processing for Inversion to Acoustic Impedance and Porosity Prediction

M. Rauch-Davies, P. Woods

Petroleum Exploration Society of Australia (PESA)

... Turtle-2 and tested calculated. Krief (1990) demonstrated a quasi-l inear relationship betw een t he velocities of acoustic a nd shear waves in o il...


Lithology Discrimination and Pore-Fluid Detection Using 3D Pre-Stack Simultaneous Inversion: A Case Study at Gumai Formation, Jambi Sub-Basin, South Sumatra

Widia Anggraeni, Mawar Indah Nursina, Andri Syafriya, Bagus Sapto Mulyatno, Muh Sarkowi

Indonesian Petroleum Association

... to generate lithology and fluid properties (Bailey et al, 2010). Aki and Richards (1980) derived an approximation to the Zoeppritz equation...


Analisis de AVO de un Yacimiento de Alta Impedancia. Caso Campo de Gas Chuchupa [PAPER IN SPANISH] AVO Analysis of a High Impedance Field. Case of Chuchupa Gas Field

Mauricio Cediel, Luis Montes

Asociación Colombiana de Geólogos y Geofisicos del Petróleo (ACGGP)

... Vs a cada lado del reflector y del ángulo de incidencia de la onda. Este fenómeno es descrito por la ecuación de Zoeppritz (1919), la cual ha sido...


Technological Revolution in Petroleum Exploration: Chapter 11

Edgar Wesley Owen, C. V. Millikan

AAPG Special Volumes

... L., 1878, On the velocity of transmission of earth waves: Am. Jour. Sci., ser. 3, v. 15, p. 178-184. American Petroleum Institute, 1961, History...


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Combined Geostatistical Inversion and Simultaneous AVA Inversion: Extending the Life of a Mature Area, Kotabatak Field, Central Sumatra Basin, Indonesia

Matthew H. Hoehn, Ibnu Arif, Chris Welch, F. Hasan Sidi, Djoko Rubyanto, Robert van Eykenhof, Mark Sams, Yudi Prasetyo

Indonesian Petroleum Association

... the partial stacks and uses full Aki-Richards or Knott-Zoeppritz AVO modeling. For this project, the method was applied to produce Pimpedance and Vp/Vs...


Discriminación de Gas Comercial y Gas Fizz Mediante Análisis de Atributos AVO y Modelado de Substitución de Fluidos. [PAPER IN SPANISH] Discrimination of Commercial Gas and Fizz Gas through AVO Attribute Analysis and Modeling of Fluid Replacement.

Lorena Giraldo, Andrés Calle, María Plata, Cesar Pineda

Asociación Colombiana de Geólogos y Geofisicos del Petróleo (ACGGP)

... homogéneos, isotrópicos, semi-infinitos y elásticos, esta representada por la ecuación de Zoeppritz. Sin embargo esta ecuación no brinda un fácil...


Time-Lapse Simultaneous AVO Inversion of the Widuri Field, Offshore Southeast Sumatra

Bill Harmony, Robert Van Eykenhof, Lupi Harvidya, Djoko Rubyanto, Sri Lestari Supardi, Mark Sams, Fauzi Alkatiri, Paul Van Riel, Peter Mesdag

Indonesian Petroleum Association

...-Zoeppritz AVO modeling. For this project, the method is applied to produce the AI and SI volumes for integrated multi-parameter reservoir...


Geostatistical Inversion on Broadband Seismic Data: A Case Study Offshore Malaysia

Francois Baillard, Murthy Jayanthi Venkata Satyanarayana, Rakesh Doshi, Kwong Wee Poh, Rajat Rathore, Siew Mun Tan, Loic Michel, Eric Andersen, Shivaji Maitra, Riccardo Vercesi, Lam Hoang Do

Indonesian Petroleum Association

.... In this case, the Geostatistical inversion which is based on the Bayesian formalism and a linearized, weak-contrast approximation of the Zoeppritz equation...


Moses to Moho, Exploration Ideas and Implements

F.A. Thurman

Rocky Mountain Association of Geologists

... seismology by such men as Abbot, Milne, Gray, Hecker, Zoeppritz and Geiger. Accuracy had improved to such an extent that during the First Great War...


Seismic Forward Modeling of Semberah Fluvio-Deltaic Reservoir

Adi Widyantoro, Wahyu Dwijo Santoso

Indonesian Petroleum Association

.... Generation of Zoeppritz PPreflectivity convolutional forward modeling uses well’s wavelet and Ormsby zerophase wavelet to yield dataset full stack...


Integration of geology, rock physics, logs, and prestack seismic data for reservoir porosity estimation

Abdulaziz M. AlMuhaidib, Mrinal K. Sen, M. Nafi Toksoz

AAPG Bulletin

.... 175188.Toksoz, M. N., C. H. Cheng, and A. Timur, 1976, Velocities of seismic waves in porous rocks: Geophysics, v. 41, p. 621645, doi...


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