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Thin Bed Stratigraphy from Complex Trace Attributes: ABSTRACT

J. D. Robertson, H. H. Nogami

AAPG Bulletin

... wavelet. If the signal in a seismic section can be approximated by zero-phase Ricker wavelets, and if the geophysicist can identify occasional wavelet...


ABSTRACT: Uses, Abuses, and Examples of Seismic-Derived Acoustic Impedance Data: What Does the Interpreter Need to Know?; #90051 (2006)

Rebecca Latimer

Search and

... impedance data and forces the geoscientist, in analyzing seismic data, to extract appropriate wavelets, determine the phase and amplitude of the data...


Abstract: Resolving The Discrepancies Between Vertical Seismic Profiles And Petrophysical Logs, At Least A Few Of Them; #90213 (2015)

John D. Logel and Rick Kuzmiski

Search and

... seismic with a great amount of confidence. There appears to be strong variations in amplitude in the zone of interest as well as an apparent phase...


Passive Seismic: Thinking Differently

Katerina Polychronopoulou

GEO ExPro Magazine

...Passive Seismic: Thinking Differently Katerina Polychronopoulou GEO Physics Passive Seismic: Thinking Differently Low-frequency seismic signals...


Abstract: A New Concept in Borehole Seismic Measurement and Applications

N. Oikawa, Roopa Gir

Geological Society of Malaysia (GSM)

... such measurement allows accurate calibration of the surface seismic for possible time and phase shifts. The surface seismic section can...


Relative Impedance Inversion of Seismic Traces by Means of Complex Trace Attributes (CTA Inversion) … 40 Years On!, #42179 (2018).

Kurt Grubbe, Sean McQuaid

Search and

... in the famous AAPG Memoir 26 (Seismic Stratigraphy, 1977). Envelope, instantaneous phase, and frequency commonly served to create alternative displays...


Abstract: The Enigma of the 'Transition' Phase: How Rift Basins Evolve to Passive Margins; #90310 (2017)

Douglas Paton, Holly Rowlands, James R. Norcliffe, Philip Thompson, Neil Hodgson, Karyna Rodriguez

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...Abstract: The Enigma of the 'Transition' Phase: How Rift Basins Evolve to Passive Margins; #90310 (2017) Douglas Paton, Holly Rowlands, James R...


Fault Interactions in an Experimental Model with Two Phases of Non-Coaxial Extension: Insights From Displacement Profiles; #41873 (2016)

A. A. Henza, M. O. Withjack, R.W. Schlische

Search and

... by 45°. We observed multiple types of interactions (such as nucleation, linkage, and offset) between first-phase faults and second-phase faults...


Seismic Meta-Attributes and the Illumination of the Internal Reservoir Architecture of a Deepwater Synthetic Channel Model, #41267 (2014)

Staffan Van Dyke, Renjun Wen

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... attributes represent a  quantity derived, or extracted, from the seismic wavelet(s),  such as phase/frequency/amplitude. such as phase/frequency...


Seismic Damage Zones and Their Impact within Thrust and Fault Systems; #41017 (2012)

David Iacopini and Rob W. H. Butler

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... amplitudes, we use seismic attributes mapping that uses variations in the amplitude and phase of the seismic wavelet and tracks these through entire...


Seismic Modelling to Support the Interpretation of Seismic Data, Northeast Jambi Block 'B', South Sumatra

J. A. Harwijanto

Indonesian Petroleum Association

... compared to the vertical resolving power of the seismic signal. However, such thin seismic units do modify the frequency and phase content of the seismic...


Frequency-dependent seismic-stratigraphic and facies interpretation

Hongliu Zeng

AAPG Bulletin

... because of the missing seismic-phase character. Conventional displays, which show seismic attributes in the time domain in selective frequency bands...


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