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NW TUNU 3D Transition Zone … Multi Challenging Seismic Operation Project in Mahakam Delta

Aa Pian Nopiana, Cepi M. Adam, Remi Dartigalongue, Michel Erbetta, Christophe Paulet, Gilles Vallon

Indonesian Petroleum Association

... and ended on September 17th, 2014. 73,677 explosives shot points have been recorded on full 12 lines spreads, and 65,178 air gun stations have been...


Laboratory Study Shows How Real Perforations Affect Unconventional Fracture Initiation

Fokko Doornbosch, Quan Guo, Carlos E. Guedes, Carlos E. Baumann

Unconventional Resources Technology Conference (URTEC)

... was used to make the 18×18×18-inch blocks. A 2.9-in. wellbore, 2.38-in. casing, 1.56-in. gun, and shaped charges with 1-, 2-, and 6-in. penetrations were...


Propellant Stimulation Technique Provides Alternate Productivity Enhancement with Cost Reduction Benefits in Development of A Marginal Reservoir at Minas Field

Arsyad A. Siregar, Bambang Poernomo, Doug Finley, D. K. Nath

Indonesian Petroleum Association

... permeability (Kh,air) of the X-sand is relatively low (not more than 15 md) but mostly from 1 to 10 md. An acoustic pressure build up analysis performed...


Microseismic Monitoring of a Multi-Stage Fracture in the Bakken Formation, SE Saskatchewan; #51061 (2015)

Rob Kendall

Search and

... to a marine air gun. The energy from this “nitrogen gun” was very weak and the use of coil tubing very expensive. A third alternative is shallow dynamite...


Sea Turtles and Management of Marine Seismic Programs in Western Australia

Kellie Pendoley

Petroleum Exploration Society of Australia (PESA)

... (e.g. air gun arrays) and receivers (hydrophones). The energy source arrays are towed behind the vessel on short (20m) strings and approximately 4-9...


Dome Structure, Atlantic Outer Continental Shelf East of Delaware: Preliminary Geophysical Report

Robert E. Sheridan

AAPG Bulletin

... Canyons. End_Page 1204------------------------------ Fig. 2. A. (above) Air-gun seismic-reflection profile on line K-L across continental slope...


High-Pressure Yates Sand Gas Problem, East Wasson Field, Yoakum County, West Texas

Alden S. Donnelly

AAPG Bulletin

... Yates sand and "Brown lime" gas or "air" has caused casing with ample collapse safety factors to collapse in drilling and completed wells in the Wasson...


Marine Seismic Sources: Part IV

Lasse Amundsen, Martin Landrø

GEO ExPro Magazine

... mechanism is not yet fully understood. Photo: FRANCOIS GOHIER/SCIENCE PHOTO LIBRARY Can seismic air-gun arrays have harmful impacts on marine mammals...


Abstract: Integration of 3-D and Site Survey Seismic Data in Analysia of near- Surface Hazards to Platform Location at Dulang Field

Zuraida Mat Isa, Hamzah Yunos, F. W. Richards

Geological Society of Malaysia (GSM)

.... The shooting parameters were designed for high resolution in the uppermost 500 - 1000 m. The source, a high resolution air gun array, gave frequencies...


Late Quaternary Sequence Stratigraphy of a Slowly Subsiding Passive Margin, New Jersey Continental Shelf

John S. Carey, R. E. Sheridan, and G. M. Ashley

AAPG Bulletin

...-frequency eustasy on a slowly subsiding (<0.2 mm/yr) passive margin. Analysis of 1600 km of Geopulse™, Uniboom™, Minisparker™ and air-gun profiles...


ABSTRACT: Experience of high-frequency seismic data processing in the Black Sea offshore; #90109 (2010)

Mikhail Simachenko

Search and

...” (“Prychornomor DGRP” company) with use the following equipment and observation parameters: - “Bolt” air gun, distance between shotpoints 12,5 m; - “Xzone Bottom...


Spatial and Temporal Deformation of a Lake Malawi Accommodation Zone: Integration of Dated Scientific Drill Cores and Seismic Data; #51048 (2014)

Tannis McCartney, Christopher A. Scholz

Search and

..., 4-second multi-channel seismic with moderate resolution was acquired. The single-channel data, collected using a small air gun with a bandwidth...


Marine Seismic Sources: Part XII: Sound in the Sea

Martin Landrø, Lasse Amundsen

GEO ExPro Magazine

... to develop the E-Source air gun as an environmentally sensitive energy source for marine seismic surveys. The E-Source air gun is said...



John V. Howard

Asociación Venezolana de Geología, Minería y Petróleo (AVGMP)

... and injection of supplementary fuel to sustain combustion. The cost of injected air to produce a barrel of oil by forward combustion can be as low...


Abstract: Deep Water Channels and Their Potential Value in Petroleum Localization

G. T. Moore , T. J. Fullam

GCAGS Transactions

...-northwest air gun seismic profile across the distal part of the Amazon Deep-sea Fan. This crossing shows the overall morphology of the fan including its...


A New Technique for Preparation of Petrographic Thin Sections Using Ultraviolet-Curing Adhesive: RESEARCH METHOD PAPER

J. E. Yanguas, Stanley T. Paxton

Journal of Sedimentary Research (SEPM)

... of lint are blown from the surfaces with an air gun. Specimens are removed one at a time from the warm oven or plate and placed face up on a counter...


Memorial: Wilson Gordon Saville (1897-1954)

W. A. Reiter

AAPG Non-Technical and Memorials

... of the construction work in this big and active region, including that of both the A r m y and Air Force, was under his supervision. I t was a job which his training...


Abstract: Deepwater Geohazards and Engineering Geology: Meeting Tough Challenges

Kerry J. Campbell

Houston Geological Society Bulletin

... the foundation zone (to penetrations of about 500 feet); and a deep-penetration profiler (air-gun array with multi-channel digital recording, for example...


Experience of High-Frequency Seismic Data Processing in the Black Sea Offshore, #40713 (2011)

Mikhail Simachenko, Mykola Kiyanov, Helena Netrebskaya

Search and

... and observation parameters: • “Bolt” air gun, distance between shotpoints 12,5 m; • “Xzone Bottom Fish” geophone cable with 48 channels; • “Xzone Bottom Fish...


Staining and Etching Techniques for Studying Obscure Structures in Clastic Rocks

Wm. Kenneth Hamblin

Journal of Sedimentary Research (SEPM)

... and spray gun, which operates on an air pressure of 75 pounds or more. Such a unit is adaptable to almost any source of air pressure and works remarkably...


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