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Model for Reworked Deltaic Sands--Example from South Lake Arthur, Bayou Gentily and Bayou Leary Field

Ram S. Saxena

GCAGS Transactions

... of sand bodies and associated depositional environments is one of the most dominant processes in the development of deltaic sand bodies. Two reservoir...


Lower Cretaceous of Wyoming and Southern Rockies: ABSTRACT

Robert G. Young

AAPG Bulletin

... littoral-marine-lagoonal, paludal, and deltaic environments (Fall River, upper Cedar Mountain, Plainview, upper Cheyenne, etc.). These, in turn, graded...


Depositional Models of Sandstones: ABSTRACT

John W. Shelton

AAPG Bulletin

... environments are distinguishable most commonly, not by a unique property, but by diagnostic combinations of the various features, such as trend, width...


Physical and Chemical Properties of Mississippi River Alluvial Valley and Delta Clays: ABSTRACT

Sherwood M. Gagliano, Clara Ho

AAPG Bulletin

... utilized. Samples from freshwater alluvial valley and upper deltaic-plain environments were compared with others from brackish and saline environments...


Facies and Diagenetic Controls on Reservoir Rock Properties of Hosston Sandstones, Washington Parish, Louisiana: ABSTRACT

Gregory J. Winker, Robert R. Berg, Thomas T. Tieh

AAPG Bulletin

... sandstone show sedimentary structures typical of fluvial and deltaic environments. The present depth of burial of the sandstone is 4,300 to 5,500 m (14,100...


Field Trip: First Day

E. G. Wermund

Dallas Geological Society

... as neritic bank environments and nearshore (paralic) fluvial-deltaic complexes. The first day will be spent examining bank limestones and associated...


Effects of Source Material and Thermal Maturation on Chemical Composition of Gulf Coast Crude Oils: ABSTRACT

Lester J. Walters, Jr., Daniel T. George

AAPG Bulletin

...) the close association of high-wax crude oils with Mesozoic and Cenozoic rocks formed in deltaic environments; (2) the association of crude oils rich...


New Insight into the Recent Evolution of the Baram Delta from Satellite Imagery

Bruno Caline, John Huong

Geological Society of Malaysia (GSM)

... been interpreted in terms of sedimentary environments (Fig. 2). The upper deltaic plain is characterised by the extensive development offreshwater swamps...


Assemblages of Biogenic Structures in Non-Marine and Marginal Marine Environments

H. Allen Curran

Special Publications of SEPM

...Assemblages of Biogenic Structures in Non-Marine and Marginal Marine Environments H. Allen Curran Copyright © 2012, The Society of Economic...


Significance of Textural Criteria in the Recognition of Ancient Polar Deltaic Sediments

A. S. Naidu, T. C. Mowatt

Alaska Geological Society

... the lagoon, bay, and open marine environments rarely exceeded 2 percent by weight. Typically, gravels are absent in the deltaic plain deposits although...


Depositional Processes in Deltaic Environment: ABSTRACT

James P. Morgan

AAPG Bulletin

... to compare ancient with modern deltaic environments. Four basic factors control and influence delta formations: (1) sediment load--both quantity...


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