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PTTC Network News - Vol. 15, No.3 - 2009

Darby Witt


... Midcontinent Section Annual Meeting, Tulsa, OK. 11/TBD GTW: GIS Application in Oil & Gas, Dallas, TX. PTTC Network News Staff: Viola Rawn-Schatzinger...


Bibliography of Utah Cenozoic Geology: 1785 to June 1987

American Geological Institute

Utah Geological Association

... Committee on Geochemistry. 1982. Utilization of oil shales and basic research in organic geochemistry: in Workshop report on basic research in organic...


Transactions: Gulf Coast Association of Geological Societies; Frontmatter

James J. Willis, Jill C. Willis, Kristen M. Willis, Jesse J. R. Cantin

GCAGS Transactions

... affiliations include AAPG where he has serves a Chair of the EMDGas Hydrate Committee, chaired the EMD Technical Program Chair for the 2010 ACE...


Common Complaints by Water Well Owners Related to Unconventional Development Programs; #70109 (2011)

John V. Fontana and David Seneshen

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... of Oil and Gas Development Rocky Mountain Section AAPG 2011 Annual     e Images Fracking Water


Enhanced Oil Recovery of Shale Oil: A Molecular Simulation Study

Mohammad Kazemi, Ali Takbiri-Borujeni, Jesse R. Hansel, Manuel Valera

Unconventional Resources Technology Conference (URTEC)

... injection, larger amounts of hydrocarbons can be produced. Numerous CO2 gas injection studies have been performed on core samples from tight oil plays...


Developing Industrial Minerals, Nuclear Minerals and Commodities of Interest via Off-World Exploration and Mining, #80067 (2009)

Michael D. Campbell, Bruce Handley, Henry M. Wise, Jeffery D. King, and M. David Campbell,

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... and Discovery Article #80067 (2009) Posted November 10, 2009 *Adapted from EMD Committee Report, presented at EMD Committee meeting at AAPG Convention, Denver...


Modern & Ancient Lake Systems: New Problems and Perspectives; Frontmatter

Janet K. Pitman, Alan R. Carroll

Utah Geological Association

... as well as the rest of the U.S. and other parts of the world are gaining attention as potential targets for oil and gas production and (2) the well...


Insights into Salinity Variations for Waterfloods, Frac-Fluids and Drilling Mud in Clay-Hosted Pores using Molecular Simulations

Hao Xiong, Deepak Devegowda

Unconventional Resources Technology Conference (URTEC)

...-salinity waterflooding to improve oil recovery - Historical field evidence’, Proceedings - SPE Annual Technical Conference and Exhibition, 3, pp...


Mexican Frontier Hydrocarbon Basins, #10743 (2015).

Colin Stabler, Michele Bishop, Edwin Moritz

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..., and seismic surveys picked out structural prospects. Some wells were drilled which often resulted in oil or gas shows. Success, however, has been very limited...



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Petroleum Systems of the Canning Basin, Western Australia

K. A. R. Ghori

Petroleum Exploration Society of Australia (PESA)

... Keywords: source rocks, crude oils, petroleum systems, Canning Basin, Western Australia. Abstract The recent discovery of oil at Ungani, gas at Valhalla...


EOR in Clay-Hosted Pores: Effects of Brine Salinity, Water Saturation, Pore Surface Chemistry and Pore Width

Hao Xiong, Deepak Devegowda, Liangliang Huang

Unconventional Resources Technology Conference (URTEC)

... Shale Oil Reservoirs’, SPE Conference, (1), pp. 1–8. doi: 10.2118/154329-MS. Hoffman, B. T. (2018) ‘Huff-N-Puff Gas Injection Pilot Projects in the Eagle...


Front Matter, Awards, Bibliography: Oil-Industry History, A publication of the Petroleum History Institute, Volume 21, Number 1, 2020

Petroleum History Institute

Petroleum History Institute

... of the national and international oil and gas industry. Electronic submissions are welcomed. The author guidelines can be found at the end of this issue...


Buck Creek


Wyoming Geological Association

... for Stratigraphic-Trap Oil Accumulations in Powder River Basin, Wyoming (abs): Books of Abstracts, AAPG-SEPM-EMD Annual Convention, Denver, p. 116. Field Buck...


The Role of Nuclear Power in Space Exploration and the Associated Environmental Issues: An Overview, #80053 (2009)

Michael D. Campbell, Jeffery D. King, Henry M. Wise, Bruce Handley, and M. David Campbell

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... Energy Minerals Div.  Uranium Committee   Special Report of 2009  for the   Astrogeology Committee,  AAPG EMD Annual Meeting,   Denver, Colorado  June 9...


Front Matter: Memoir 120: Mudstone Diagenesis: Research Perspectives for Shale Hydrocarbon Reservoirs, Seals, and Source Rocks, 2019

Wayne K. Camp, Neil S. Fishman, Paul C. Hackley, Joe H. S. Macquaker, Kitty L. Milliken, Kevin G. Taylor

AAPG Special Volumes

..., and he has co-edited three volumes related to energy resources and diagenesis. He previously was chair of the AAPG-EMD Shale Gas and Liquids Committee...


Framework of Factors Controlling the U.S. Natural Gas Market Outlook

Jeremy Platt and Steve Thumb

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... Oversight, Updated April 4, 2008 AAPG EMD Forum on Economics of Natural Gas and Alternative Energy April 21, 2008 21 Jeremy Platt1 and Stephen Thumb2 1...


Saturation Isnt What It Used to Be: Towards More Realistic Petroleum Fluid Saturations and Produced Fluid Compositions in Organic-Rich Unconventional Reservoirs

Andrew Pepper, Stephanie Perry, Lara Heister

Unconventional Resources Technology Conference (URTEC)

... the saturation and position of water, “oil“ and “gas” molecules in a mudrock mineral matrix pore system. Figure 1a: Cartoon explaining mineral matrix storage...


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