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Seismic Time-Frequency Analysis by Empirical Mode Decomposition; #41513 (2015)

Jiajun Han, Mirko van der Baan

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... unnoticed. Introduction The empirical mode decomposition (EMD) method developed by Huang et al. (1998) is a powerful signal analysis technique for non...


Geothermal in the Oil Field, #80172 (2011)

Will Gosnold, Michael Mann, Hossein Salehfar

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... Abstract Sedimentary basins have great potential for development of geothermal energy from fluids in strata that are exploited for oil, gas and water...


Shale Oil Potential of the Paris Basin, France, #10384 (2012)

Benjamin Monticone, Matthieu Duval, Ricarda Knispel, Patrick Wojciak, Matthieu H. Dubille

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.... Lab. Geol. Fac. Sci. Lyon, v. 75, p. 33-57. IFP Report, 2002, Estimating the Ultimate Recoverable Reserves of the Paris Basin, France: Oil and Gas...


Abstract: *Prediction of S-Wave Velocity using Machine Learning Algorithms Combined with Empirical Mode Decomposition-Based Approaches; #91202 (2022)

Said Gaci and Mohammed Farfour

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... Neural Networks, Chapter 12, Oil and Gas Exploration: Methods and Application, Said Gaci and Olga Hachay Editors. April 2017, American Geophysical Union. p...


The Barnett Shale Oil Model of North Texas; #110151 (2011)

Dan B. Steward

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... prices and preocccupation with the gas play, never tested the idea. There were many lines of evidence that suggested the existence of a commercial oil...


Abstract: MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 10, 2007

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Structural Geology, Seismic Imaging, and Genesis of the Giant Jonah Gas Field, Wyoming, U.S.A.

William B. Hanson, Victor Vega, Dennis Cox

AAPG Special Volumes

.... W. Shanley, eds., Tight gas fluvial reservoirs: A case history from the Lance Formation, Green River basin, Wyoming: AAPG Annual Meeting Short Course...


PTTC Network News - Vol. 14, No.3 - 2008

Dan Arthur, Brian Boshm


... News 13 · 2/9-10 Applied Geoscience Conference: U.S. Gulf Region Mudstones as Unconventional Shale Gas/Oil Reservoirs (HGS, AAPG EMD) - Houston, TX...


Heavy Oil Recovery from the Santa Rosa Formation, Guadalupe County, New Mexico

George L. Scott, Elizabeth Y. Banks

Four Corners Geological Society

... Geological Survey, Oil and Gas Investigations, Preliminary Map, OM 44. Martin, F. D., 1983, Steamflood pilot in the O’Connell Ranch Field: New Mexico Energy...


An Evolving Description of a Fractured Carbonate Reservoir: the Lisburne Field, Prudhoe Bay, Alaska: Fractured Reservoirs: Origin, Description, Evaluation

R. A. Missman, J. Jameson

AAPG Special Volumes

... Research Co. report EPR.83PS.86, October 1986. 21 Nelson, M.A. and Gobran, B.D. "Observed L3-05 Gas/Oil Ratio Response", memo to R. G. M. Oba, March...


Mechanical Control of Annular Gas Flow, a Case Study and Way Forward Analysis

Guillaume Tarnaud, Philippe Essel, Jack Newberry, Franck Wendlinger, C.O. “Doc” Stokley

Indonesian Petroleum Association

... Annual Convention and Exhibition, May 2007 MECHANICAL CONTROL OF ANNULAR GAS FLOW, A CASE STUDY AND WAY FORWARD ANALYSIS Guillaume Tarnaud* Philippe Essel...


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Integrated Multiscale Research of Fluid Flow in Shale: Molecular-to-Core Scales; #42244 (2018)

Farzam Javadpour

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... in shale system is the existence of heterogeneities at different scales. While the goal is to predict gas and oil production from a well, we learned...


How Plant and Animal Remains Become Oil and Gas: A Geochemical Perspective; #40829 (2011)

Wallace G. Dow

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...How Plant and Animal Remains Become Oil and Gas: A Geochemical Perspective; #40829 (2011) Wallace G. Dow How Plant and Animal Remains Become Oil...


Overview of Heavy Oil, Seeps, and Oil (Tar) Sands, California

Frances J. Hein

AAPG Special Volumes

... and geothermal resources, 2006, Annual report of the state oil and gas supervisor, 1994 through 2006 (December 31): California Department of Conservation...


Oil and Gas Exploration Wells in Southwestern New Mexico

Sam Thompson III

Rocky Mountain Association of Geologists

...Oil and Gas Exploration Wells in Southwestern New Mexico Sam Thompson III Geologic Studies of the Cordilleran Thrust Belt, Vol. II, 1982 ROCKY...


Foreword — Oil-sands and heavy-oil deposits: Local to global multidisciplinary collaboration

Frances J. Hein, Kevin P. Parks, Dale A. Leckie, Chris Seibel

CSPG Bulletin

... with which to view the various papers in the volume. As conventional oil and gas reservoirs become depleted, other unconventional energy sources must...


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