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Abstract: Noise Attenuation Study for High Productivity Vibroseis Acquisition: an Example from Saudi Arabia; #90254 (2016)

Ahmed A. Alghamdi, Robert Wilson Rowe

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... the focus of noise attenuation from the field to the data processing center. The goal of the seismic field crew is no longer to provide shot records...


Computer-Aided Offshore Reservoir Delineation: ABSTRACT

Douglas J. Canfield, John W. Howe

AAPG Bulletin

... or more platforms. An offshore field in southern California is an example where reservoir delineation was needed prior to designing a secondary flooding...


Abstract: Integrated Seismic, Gravity, and Magnetic Approach for Mapping Subsalt Structures: An Example from the Red Sea, Saudi Arabia; #90254 (2016)

Ahmed Salem, Emad Muzayen, Dumitru Ion, Simon Campbell

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... with results of the field example, demonstrated the power of combining potential fields and seismic data in defining the basement and sub-salt basin...


Lost Time and Lost Opportunity: The Realities of Poor Data Management

Alaa E. Sallam

Houston Geological Society Bulletin

... of the field's status is rarely reached because the most important element in the process the data itself (i.e. production, injection volume...


ABSTRACT: Applying an Integrated Reservoir Model in Field Development of a Brownfield, Canfield Ranch, California; #90108 (2010)

Matthew L. Belobraydic, William J. Clark, Gary S. Forrest, Y. Zee Ma, Fabian O. Iwere, and Hui Gao

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... the limited, vintage data sets. To be of use, these models needed to not only honor the geological and engineering observations from the field...


ABSTRACT: Status Report on Evaluation of Coal Resources in Richland County, Montana


Montana Geological Society

... subsurface data are required. The Pust bed is the major coal bed in the Richey-Lambert field, attaining a thickness of 40...


Abstract: Data Spacing for Geological Modelling; #90224 (2015)

Steve Lyster and Kelsey MacCormack

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... at different spacings and for different sampling schemes; Figure 1 shows an example of four different data spacings in three different arrangements for one...


Abstract: Calibration of Seismic Fracture Model Using Dynamic Data and Borehole Images, an Example of Fractured Carbonate Reservoir; #90254 (2016)

Victor Ivanov, Reza Iskandar

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...Abstract: Calibration of Seismic Fracture Model Using Dynamic Data and Borehole Images, an Example of Fractured Carbonate Reservoir; #90254 (2016...


Interactive Geologic Modeling: ABSTRACT

J. D. Glaeser, Stephen A. Krajewski, Ron Budros

AAPG Bulletin

... appropriate geologic models in generating synthetic seismic reef anomalies. The second example applies gravity and magnetic data to seismic modeling...


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