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ABSTRACT: Pushing Back the Frontier... Geologic Characterization of a Tight Gas Reservoir Near the Economic Limit of Production, West Flank Moxa Arch

Robert A. Basse, Connie Knight

Wyoming Geological Association

... Robert A. Basse, Connie Knight 2001 191 191 The Frontier sandstone along the west flank of the Moxa Arch provides a timely example of the challenges...


ABSTRACT: New Perspectives in the Geological Interpretation and Reservoir Characterization of Vocation Field, Alabama, USA; #90007 (2002)

Juan Carlos Llinas

Search and

.... Such an example is the Vocation field in Alabama In Vocation field, located in southeast Alabama, USA, shallow marine carbonate facies...


Bima Field Reservoir Management System

G. C. Bihn, A. N. E. Sumantri, Harnusa Sakirman

Indonesian Petroleum Association

... is undertaken by one data technician for the BIMA field. The STATUS Report (refered to as Managerial Report (RZU4) is shown as Figure 5; it is an example...


ABSTRACT: Emergent Approach for Data Management in E&P Business Case Study; #90120 (2011)

Saleha Rafique, Ahmed Irfan, and Masood Akhter

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... success. Geoscientists and engineers focus on maximizing hydrocarbon extraction by understanding and exploiting field geological and formations data...


Abstract: Application of an Amplitude Seismic Attribute to Structural Framework Interpretation in the Rub Al-Khali Basin, Saudi Arabia; #90286 (2017)

Juan Zunino, David P. Taylor

Search and

... geometric attributes including dip azimuth and curvature. These are effective tools proven to be useful for structural analysis with seismic data. Effective...


Abstract: Seismic -- Stratigraphic Mapping Of Gulf Coast Stratigraphic Traps

John A Ward

GCAGS Transactions

... expressed on real seismic-stratigraphic data. Alternatively, recognition of the pinch-out of the 20 thick Spanish Camp Sand at South Lissie field serves...


Seismic-Stratigraphic Mapping of Gulf Coast Stratigraphic Traps: ABSTRACT

John A. Ward

AAPG Bulletin

... at South Lissie field serves as an excellent example of a trap expressed as a high frequency feature. These simple examples illustrate clearly that both...


Evidence of Cross-Formational Flow Above Healdton Oil Field, Carter County, Oklahoma: ABSTRACT

Cheryl Ann Muzyl

AAPG Bulletin

...Evidence of Cross-Formational Flow Above Healdton Oil Field, Carter County, Oklahoma: ABSTRACT Cheryl Ann Muzyl 1982 611 611 66 5. (May...


Wavelet Processing

Lee Lu

Indonesian Petroleum Association

..., so that a single computer alogorithm can be written to handle all of them (Deeming, 1978). Marine Data Example Figure 2(a) shows a field record of 48...


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