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Cross-Well Seismology: A New Production Tool

B. N. P. Paulsson, R. T. Langan

Indonesian Petroleum Association

... of the first arrivals may not be directly transmitted arrivals, hut head waves, trapped modes, or a combination of either of these two ray modes...


Depositional and Dispersal Dynamics of Intertidal Sand Bars

George deVries Klein

Journal of Sedimentary Research (SEPM)

... fashioned into current ripples, simple dunes, complex dunes, simple sand waves and complex sand waves. The internal organization of some dunes and sand...


Suspended Particulate Matter in the New York Bight Apex, Fall 1973

David E. Drake

Journal of Sedimentary Research (SEPM)

... during autumn; the shelf-channel current forms the western limb of this gyre. Dredge spoil and sewage sludge dumped near the head of the shelf channel...


Role of Vortices in Surf Zone Prediction: Sedimentation and Wave Forces

Robert L. Miller

Special Publications of SEPM

... provided data for a detailed analysis of the vortices As a approximation model is discussed although further work is necessary The effect of breaker shape...



Richard A. Klecker

Montana Geological Society

... Dinwoody, Woodside, and Thaynes Formations exposed in Little Water Canyon and Hidden Valley provide evidence for interpretation...


Wave Climate Models for the Continental Shelf: Critical Links Between Shelf Hydraulics and Shoreline Processes

Victor Goldsmith

Special Publications of SEPM

... profile The effect of the steeper portions of the profiles on the incoming waves will depend pri suggestive consists of Chesapeake Bay and 86 meters...


Supercritical Flow in Density Currents

Bryce M. Hand

Journal of Sedimentary Research (SEPM)

... for internal waves: U = gL/2 (-)/(+) where and are densities of the current and overlying fluid. Critical slope for large scale density flows...


Factors Necessary to Define a Pressure Seal: Discussion

Zhiyong He, Jeff Corrigan

AAPG Bulletin

... pressure (head) from the base to the top of a rock layer is the time the unit could "act as a pressure seal." This is quantified by formulating...


Recent Developments in Gravity Prospecting on Gulf Coast

Olaf F. Sundt

AAPG Bulletin

.... Cockburn. The area had been shot over by refractions several times without being found until the torsion balance showed indications of a minimum. Further...


Random Orientation of Wood on Two Tiny Alluvial Fans (Tavaputs Plateau, Ne Utah, U.S.A.)

Neil A. Wells, Shawn R. Rapp

Journal of Sedimentary Research (SEPM)

..., the pieces have been spread out from the mouth of a small, steep, fan-head channel (too small and hidden to be seen in Figure 2). They are almost all...


Australian National Ocean Bottom Seismograph Fleet Advances Conventional Exploration

Alexey Goncharov, Michal Malinowski, Dejan Sekulic, Ashby Cooper, Peter Chia, Alexander Gavrilov, Garrick Paskos

Australian Petroleum Production & Exploration Association (APPEA) Journal

... seismic surveys. Three-component recording capability of OBSs allows analysis of S-waves in addition to the P-waves that are conventionally used in marine...


Backset Bedding Developed in Shooting Flow in Laboratory Experiments: NOTES

Alan V. Jopling , Everett V. Richardson

Journal of Sedimentary Research (SEPM)

... material is deposited as a layer of horizontal bedding on top of the backset bedding. The moderate-declivity bedding developed on the stoss side...


Impact of Local Morphology on Sedimentation in a Submarine Canyon, ROV Studies in Eel Canyon, Northern California, U.S.A.

Tina M. Drexler, Charles A. Nittrouer, Beth L. Mullenbach

Journal of Sedimentary Research (SEPM)

..., in order to delineate accurate trends along and among channels at the head of a canyon. Sampling with the ROV Ventana facilitated detailed examination...


PTTC Network News - Vol. 7, No.2 - 2001

Susan Jackson, Peter Robers, Ernie Majer


.... The calculation procedure is feedforward, from input layer through hidden layers to output layer. During training, the calculated outputs are compared...


Seasonal Groundwater Withdrawal in Southwestern Louisiana: Implications for Land Subsidence and Resource Management

Jeffrey A. Nunn

GCAGS Transactions

... Figure 3A shows computed water level (hydraulic head) for the bottom edge of a confining layer during a one year seasonal cycle. Initial condition...


Weather Patterns and Coastal Processes

William T. Fox, Richard A. Davis Jr.

Special Publications of SEPM

... of the central Oregon coast were studied to develop coastal process response models Time series analysis Waves to construct the models waves and current data...


Surging Versus Continuous Turbidity Currents: Flow Dynamics and Deposits in an Experimental Intraslope Minibasin

Michael P. Lamb,, Thomas Hickson, Jeffrey G. Marr, Ben Sheets, Chris Paola, Gary Parker

Journal of Sedimentary Research (SEPM)

... and water, which was continuously circulated up to a constant head tank and back down to the mixing tank. During an experiment a portion of the slurry...


Annual Layers Revealed by GPR in the Subsurface of a Prograding Coastal Barrier, Southwest Washington, U.S.A.

L.J. Moore,,, H.M. Jol, S. Kruse, S. Vanderburgh, G.M. Kaminsky

Journal of Sedimentary Research (SEPM)

... of heavy mineral placer deposits on Oregon Beaches: Journal of Sedimentary Petrology, v. 56, p. 67-77. ROBINSON, D.A., AND FRIEDMAN, S.P., 2001, Effect...


The Bouma Division A and the Possible Duration of Turbidity Currents

J. R. L. Allen

Journal of Sedimentary Research (SEPM)

... of the turbulent boundary layer: Sed. Geol., v. 39, p. 227-242. ALLEN, J.R.L., 1985, Principles of Physical Sedimentology: London, Allen and Unwin, 272 p. ARNOTT...


Sonic Log Analysis from Isotropic and Anisotropic Media In Carbonate Reservoir, the Case Study at Stella Alpina Field

Wahyu Tri Sutrisno, Septian Prahastudhi, Ari Teguh Sugiarto, Ayi Syaeful Bahri, Dwa Desa Warnana, Yulia Putri Wulandari

Indonesian Petroleum Association

..., the propagation of compressional and shear waves at difference velocities through anisotropic shale can have a pronounced impact on sonic log readings...


Numerical Modeling of Groundwater Flux through a Low-Level Radioactive Waste Repository for Performance Assessment

Abel Porras, Changbing Yang, Kan Tu, Brad Broussard, Alex Sun

GCAGS Transactions

... zone is a confined sandstone layer with a range of 60 ft (18 m) to 150 ft (45 m) of hydraulic head above the bottom of the sand layer. The 180-ft zone...


Wave Processes and Geologic Responses on the Floor of the Yellow Sea

James S. Booth, William J. Winters

Special Publications of SEPM

... of winter Larger and elevate pore pressures thus common in the shallow Yellow storm scale waves have a or typhoon generated demonstrable effect...


Sedimenit Gravity Flows

Gerard Middleton, John B. Southard

Special Publications of SEPM

... (1983). If the flow rate is suddenly increased, solitary waves are formed behind the head, and eventually overtake it. one geometry of flow that may...


Building of Mississippi Delta

Arthur C. Trowbridge

AAPG Bulletin

... of the maintained levees there are three distributaries: Batiste Colet's Bayou, the Jump, and Cubit's Gap. At Head of Passes the river breaks up finally...


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