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3-D Interpretation of the Reservoir Property Distribution in the Belle River Mills Silurian (Niagaran) Reef, St. Clair County, Michigan; #50391 (2011)

Heather Qualman, G. Michael Grammer, William Harrison III, Matthew Pranter

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... Facies data from 15 wells with core 300 proportional layers Utilizes a 500’ variogram Lateral facies distribution controlled by horizontal probability...


Impact of deltaic clinothems on reservoir performance: Dynamic studies of reservoir analogs from the Ferron Sandstone Member and Panther Tongue, Utah

Havard D. Enge, John A. Howell

AAPG Bulletin

... layers within a reservoir may significantly impact both horizontal and vertical fluid flow, yet they are rarely included in subsurface reservoir...


Enhanced Reservoir Properties Prediction for the Vaca Muerta Shales Using an Integrated Multi-Disciplinary Workflow

T. Llobet, G. Izadi, C. Barton, T. Pessoa, R. Guises, I. McGlynn, M. Bratovich, F. Walles, A. Fernández, J.-P. Mathieu, A. Onaisi

Unconventional Resources Technology Conference (URTEC)

... on the magnitudes of the horizontal stresses) was also investigated. Figure 16 shows examples of the beef and ash models considered. Horizontal...


Experimental Controls on the Transition Between Planar and Branched Hydraulic Fractures

Wenfeng Li, Luke P. Frash, J. William Carey, Meng Meng, Nathan J. Welch, Hari Viswanathan

Unconventional Resources Technology Conference (URTEC)

... layers, the regime of hydraulic fracture branching disappears. Finally, analytical models are derived to explain the experimental results and to predict...


Estimating Stimulation-Zone Anisotropy Effects During Microseismic Monitoring

Martin Karrenbach, Steve Cole, Victor Yartsev

Unconventional Resources Technology Conference (URTEC)

... layers. Karrenbach (1994) showed how this method could be used to derive anisotropic velocity models from well logs. There are other approaches...


Abstract: Effects of Lateral Heterogeniety Scales on AVO Trends; #90174 (2014)

Ramin Saleh, Emmanuel Bongajum, and Bernd Milkereit

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... statistics. For all the models, the highly saturated gas-hydrate layer lies between two fluid-fulfilled sediment layers. The top sedimentary layer starts from...


Fractures and Fracture Networks in Carbonate Reservoirs: A Geological Perspective; #41470 (2014)

G. Bertotti, K. Bisdom, M. van Eijk, F. Hameka, A. Vis, H. Bezerra, J. Reijmer

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... burial depths. Subsidence took place in a stress regime characterized by a sub-horizontal tectonic stress. The first episode of fracturing occurred...


Numerical Modeling of Hinge-zone Migration in Fault-bend Folds

S. Gregg Erickson, Luther M. Strayer, John Suppe

AAPG Special Volumes

... bedding layers to enhance the development of bedding-parallel shear bands, and (4) heterogeneous models, either isotropic or anisotropic. In addition, we...


Numerical Investigation of Post-Production Gas Flow Mechanisms in Coal Seams

Mohammad Sedaghat, Philip Hayes, Andrew Garnett

Unconventional Resources Technology Conference (URTEC)

..., the topmost layer produces up to three orders of magnitude more gas compared to the deeper layers. As the ratio of vertical to horizontal permeability...


Using anisotropic rock physics to model VTI parameters

Marco A. Perez

International Meeting for Applied Geoscience and Energy (IMAGE)

... modelled as cracks or layers parallel to depositional bedding. Correctly characterizing the anisotropic properties is required to correctly assess AVO...


Insights from Geomechanical Modelling of 2D Cross-Sections in Fold-Thrust Belts, #30672 (2020).

Reinaldo Ollarves, Samuel Fraser, Ken McClay,

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...) Australian School of Petroleum, Adelaide University, Adelaide, Australia 2 Abstract A holistic approach for the validation of structural models of fold...


Discrete Fracture Network Modeling Based on Seismic Data, Logs, Drilling Losses, Production, and Outcrop Data - Ujung Pangkah Field, #120090 (2013)

Stephen Smart, David Sturrock, Azalea Hidayat

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.... The horizontal production wells at Pangkah intercept fractures within most of the sequence stratigraphic layers and across different facies (Figure 1...


Mechanically-Partitioned Deformation Related to Reactivated Oblique Slip Faults, Pecos River Canyon

Gordon Smith, Chris Zahm, Charles Kerans

GCAGS Journal

... data were characterized in carbonate outcrop exposures with stratigraphic layers of varying mechanical properties. Additionally, this work inspects...


Strategic Recovery Processes for Rindu Development

M. Kumar, A. A. Reed, M. E. Smith, D. S. Mims, E. J. Hanzlik, S. J. Gross

Indonesian Petroleum Association

...) The producers were open in all sand layers. The vertical injectors were open to the bottom half or third of a sand. Sensitivity of horizontal well...


Sedimentological Criteria for Distinguishing Stacked Dune-trough Muds from Muds in Inclined Heterolithic Strata in the Subsurface … Insights from McMurray Formation Outcrops and Modern Analogues; #51023 (2014)

Milovan Fustic, Robert Dalrymple, Rudy Strobl, Bryce Jablonski, Eirik Vik, Allard Martinius

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... layer is horizontal when it lies on the bottomset, but curves and thins upwards in the toeset, forming progressively more steeply dipping mud layers over...


Use of Horizontal Wells in the Development of the Chachahuén Sur Field, Neuquén Basin, Argentina; #20473 (2020)

J.J. Fabiano, A. Infante, L. Martínez Gassó

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... opportunities for other cycles were visualized. Horizontal drilling in the Rayoso Fm, using resistivity geosteering models, resulted in a good development...


Impact of sequence stratigraphy on static and dynamic reservoir models: examples from the Precipice-Evergreen succession, Surat Basin, Queensland

Andrew D. La Croix, Vahab Honari, Sebastian Gonzalez, Jim Underschultz, Andrew Garnett

Petroleum Exploration Society of Australia (PESA)

... of fluvio-deltaic deposits. The models suggest that reservoir layers are laterally well-connected with the gas plume primarily migrating parallel to bedding...



Bari Hanafi

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Generalization Capability of Data-driven Deep Learning Models for Seismic Full-waveform Inversion: An Example Using the OpenFWI Dataset

Ayrat Abdullin, Umair Bin Waheed

International Meeting for Applied Geoscience and Energy (IMAGE)

... samples of the “complex” Marmousi patch show several horizontal layers with velocity increasing with depth similar to the ground truth. However, no curved...


Where, When and How a Field-Scale 4D Geomechanical Model Should be Built

Ahmadreza Younessi

Australian Petroleum Production & Exploration Association (APPEA) Journal

... is calculated from the weight of the overburden layers, inferred from the density log, and the horizontal stresses from the effective stress ratio method...


Abstract: Application of Target-oriented VVAZ on Relatively thin Fracture Reservoir; #90174 (2014)

Stephen K. Chiu, Jack Howell, Jason A Stein, Samik Sil, and Jeff Malloy

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... in practice. Synthetic examples The HTI model consists of four isotropic layers and two HTI layers (Table 1). Three models are constructed to examine how...


Integrating deep directional resistivity with machine learning for improved well placement in the Nikaitchuq Field, North Slope Alaska

Christopher McCullagh, Joshua Zuber

International Meeting for Applied Geoscience and Energy (IMAGE)

..., six popular supervised classification ML models were created using horizontal well data from seven offset wells. The models were trained with data...


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