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Diagenesis of Back-Reef Carbonate Rocks--Example from Capitan Complex: ABSTRACT

Kurt W. Rudolph

AAPG Bulletin

... pelletal dolomite. Diagenesis occurred by means of four phases that reflect the changing hydrologic regime. Square-ended ray cement (phase I), now calcite...


Sedimentary Facies Analysis, El Dorado Field, Kansas, Micellar Chemical Pilot Project: ABSTRACT

R. W. Tillman, D. W. Jordan

AAPG Bulletin

..., with 71 million bbl remaining. During initial stages of the micellar-polymer tertiary recovery pilot project drilling in 1974, a Phase I geologic analysis...


ABSTRACT: Kuparuk Field, Alaskan North Slope: Did Alteration by Evaporative Fractionation Really Occur during Trap Filling?; #90007 (2002)

Leon Dzou, Andrew Pepper

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... in isolation, one would interpret Kuparuk as the residue from repeated episodes of phase segregation and gas-cap leakage. This process -termed...


ABSTRACT: Paleodrainge Evolution and Sedimentation of the Southern Pelotas Basin; #90017 (2003)

Ricardo Ayup-Zouain, Farid Chemale, Eduardo Barboza

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.... The paleodrainage evolution of the southern Pelotas Basin can be characterized by three different stages: Phase I (Jurassic) - characterized by high...


ABSTRACT: Development of Methods to Collect and Analyze Gasoline Range (C5 to C10) Hydrocarbons from Seabed Sediments; #90061 (2006)

Michael A. Abrams, Eva Francu, and Nick Dahdah

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... is to capture and analyze them with minimum loss or fractionation using a solvent-less method. In this study, a Solid Phase MicroExtraction (SPME...


ABSTRACT: The Role of Hysteretic Two-Phase Flow Processes During Capillary Leakage; #90061 (2006)

Peter Zweigel, Arild Moen, Frode Vassenden, and Michael Erdmann

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...ABSTRACT: The Role of Hysteretic Two-Phase Flow Processes During Capillary Leakage; #90061 (2006) Peter Zweigel, Arild Moen, Frode Vassenden...


Abstract: Estimation of seismic anisotropy parameters in the presence of lateral heterogeneity using WAVSP; #90254 (2016)

Ali A. Shaiban, Carlos Planchart

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... is analyzed here using the phase slowness method on synthetic walkaway VSP (WAVSP) data. The synthetic data was generated using a velocity model with known...


Amal Field Case History

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Environmental Assessments

Eric Eslinger, Uriel Oko, Jacqueline A. Smith, G. H. Holliday

Special Publications of SEPM

... Phase 1 Assessments In many states, the simple term Phase 1 is commonly used for an environmental assessment done prior to a commercial property...


Compositional Modeling of Liquid-Rich Shales Considering Adsorption, Non-Darcy Flow Effects and Pore Proximity Effects on Phase Behavior

X. Xiong, D. Devegowda, F. Civan, R. F. Sigal, A. Jamili

Unconventional Resources Technology Conference (URTEC)

... diffusion velocity compared with other species like n-butane and heptane plus. In attractive pores, the increment of vapor phase is considerable...


Abstract: Estimation of Dispersive Parameters of Surface Wave Using the Generalized S Transform; #90187 (2014)

Roohollah Askari and Robert J. Ferguson

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... to simultaneously estimate wavenumber, group velocity, phase velocity and frequency dependent attenuation. The group velocity is obtained from...


Amplitude Mapping of Reservoirs in North Africa

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... is to have the quarter wavelength resonance frequency within the band limit of the seismic data. A 20m thick reservoir with a 4000m/s sand velocity would...


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