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Abstract: Surface-consistent Matching Filter for Time-lapse Processing; #90174 (2014)

Mahdi H. Almutlaq and Gary F. Margrave

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... deconvolution, Geophysics, 54, 1123 - 1133. Morley, L. and Claerbout, J., 1983, Predictive deconvolution in shot-receiver space, Geophysics, 48, 515 - 531...


Extended Abstract: Multiple Attenuation Research

PESA Staff

Petroleum Exploration Society of Australia (PESA)

... deconvolution, or the new method of 'event prediction' developed by David DePledge of Woodside Petroleum, in Perth. The way predictive deconvolution estimates...


3.4 Detached Sediments: 3.4.1 Decollement Tectonics (A-Subduction): Kemmerer Area, Lincoln County Wyoming

M. A. Norton

AAPG Special Volumes

... pattern with 57 L-10 geophones was used. The processing sequence included a time variant minimum phase inverse filter, predictive deconvolution...


Abstract: Reducing the ambiguity in seismic data processing through the use of well data: a case study from offshore UAE; #90254 (2016)

Oleg Khakimov, Mark A. Benson, Frantisek Janik, Grzegorz Kwasny, Roger J. May

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... has uncertainty in the long wavelength solution, deconvolution, where the question of spiking vs predictive is very much a personal or even...


Abstract: Deterministic Marine Deghosting: Tutorial and Recent Advances; #90224 (2015)

Mike J. Perz and Hassan Masoomzadeh

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... processing flows attempt to supress this interference via deterministic algorithms, rather than via statistical deconvolution as is typically employed in land...


Deterministic and Statistical Wavelet Processing

Lee Lu

Southeast Asia Petroleum Exploration Society (SEAPEX)

... and non-spiking pre-stack deconvolution is shown in Figure 5. Figure 5. An example of spiked and gapped deconvolutions. (b) Predictive deconvolution...


Shallow Water Seismic Operations on the North West Shelf

T. J. Allen, D. Brown, J. Wardell

Petroleum Exploration Society of Australia (PESA)

... predictive deconvolution after the designature process. The result is shown in Figure 6, where the reverberation has been strongly attenuated. Two...


Correlating Versus Inverting Vibroseis Records: Recovering What You Put into the Ground; #41577 (2015)

Glen Larsen, Paul Hewitt, Art Siewert

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... International Meeting, SEG, Expanded Abstracts, p. 140-146. Gibson, B., and K. Larner, 1984, Predictive deconvolution and the zero-phase source: Geophysics, v...


2.2 Basement Involved: 2.2.2 Rifts: A Half-Graben and Tilted Fault Block Structure in the Northern North Sea

A. C. Evans and D. N. Parkinson

AAPG Special Volumes

... attenuation by over-correction of primaries and dip filtering to remove under-corrected multiples Deconvolution: Whitening and predictive CDP stack: 48-fold...


Optimum Deconvolution for Seismic Inversion Purposes

M. Suprajitno, L. Nutt, P. Busono

Southeast Asia Petroleum Exploration Society (SEAPEX)

...Optimum Deconvolution for Seismic Inversion Purposes M. Suprajitno, L. Nutt, P. Busono 1988 28 36 Successful seismic inversion methods rely...


Noise Attenuation in Common Receiver Gather to Enhance S/N Ratio in Seismic Data

Dara Felisia A, Triswan Mardani Ade Surya, R.B.Fauzan Irshadibima, Firman Syaifuddin

Indonesian Petroleum Association

... to remove periodicity at times beyond the end of the gap. Deconvolution may be either spiking or predictive. In spiking deconvolution there is a very...


ABSTRACT: Efficiency of high-frequency seismic survey on the Black Sea shelf in the processing of seismic data; #90109 (2010)

Iuliia Miasoiedova

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... of mid- and low velocity noise waves, muting). The minimal-phase predictive deconvolution (DECONA) was applied to primary seismic records...


Abstract: Quick Look Prospect Sizing -- Mississippi Canyon

Eric C. Zimmermann, Michael F. Liebelt

GCAGS Transactions

... attributes over the discovery area. Well data from the discovery area were then compared to the predictive model in the order that they were drilled...


The Geophysicist Communicating with Seismic Processing

R. E. Sheriff

Southeast Asia Petroleum Exploration Society (SEAPEX)

... corrections based on the geometry data supplied. /DCONPRED applies predictive deconvolution based on analysis of a certain zone (ZONE) with a specified...


A Comparative Study of 3-D Noise Attenuation Techniques

Daniel Wheaton, Yendri, Kusnarya

Indonesian Petroleum Association

... and coherent noise are studied. Predictive filtering in the f-x (frequency - space) domain for random noise suppression may be applied post stack as either...


A Case Study of Seismic Exploration in the Offshore Bonaparte Basin

J. Durrant, A. Young

Petroleum Exploration Society of Australia (PESA)

... differential move-out on the outer traces. Subsequent conventional processing included the application of inner trace muting, predictive deconvolution...


Abstract: Time-Lapse Repeatablity in 3C-3D Dataset from Weyburn CO2 Sequestration Project; #90171 (2013)

Jinfeng Ma, Le Gao, and Igor Morozov

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.... Spiking deconvolution (included in SCD) was found to lead to uncontrollable time shifts in the datasets, and it was replaced with predictive...


An Analysis of a Seismic Reflection from the Base of a Gas Hydrate Zone, Offshore Peru (1)


AAPG Bulletin

... stacking velocity model was made, and the data were corrected for NMO and stacked. Predictive Deconvolution Predictive deconvolution, performed...



Camelia C. Diaconescu, James H. Knapp, John Connor

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..., including predictive deconvolution, T-p filtering, and a time-variant gain function, was focused on removal of abundant multiple energy and enhancement...


Abstract: Tectonics of the Coral Patch Ridge Area and Adjacent Horseshoe and Seine Abyssal Plains (Gulf of Cadiz) Based on New Multichan

Sara Martínez, Eulàlia Gràcia, Rafael Bartolomé, Pedro Terrinha, Abdelouhad Birouk

Search and

..., band-pass filter, predictive deconvolution, geometry CMP gather, NMO, stack, and Stolt FK migration (1500 m/s). The MCS lines presented here were...


Imaging Complex Structures in Colombia … Full Wave Equation Migration Approach

Hector A. Alfonso, Luis E. Rojas, Weizhong Wang, Jie Zhang, Oz Yilmaz

Asociación Colombiana de Geólogos y Geofisicos del Petróleo (ACGGP)

..., predictive deconvolution, timevariant spectral whitening, trace balancing, and f-x dip filtering (Wang and West, 2001) of surface waves. Following...


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