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An Estimate of Sediment Sieving Time from Computer Simulation

David Poche

Journal of Sedimentary Research (SEPM)

... in accounting for particle passing probabilities. The end-on clearance parameter is the area of the region swept out by the center of an ellipse...


4.2 Wrench Fault Tectonics: Divergent Wrench Fault and Negative Flower Structure, Andaman Sea

T. P. Harding

AAPG Special Volumes

... relative positions of Andaman Sea profiles 1 and 2, main Tertiary structures that occur in their vicinity, and strain ellipse for right-slip deformation...


Identification of Sand Dunes in the Early Jurassic Nugget Formation in the Moxa Arch of Wyoming Using Seismic Attributes, Petrophysical Modeling, and Seismic Data Conditioning; #51604 (2019)

Dhruv Agrawal, Sumit Verma, Subhashis Mallick

Search and

... producing CO2 (after Verma et al., 2016) Seismic Amplitude Positive 0 Locations of wells A, B and C relative to the seismic survey area Seismic...


The Challenge of Applying New Technologies to Exploration in a Sub Andean Basins

Marcelo Benabentos, Pedro Muñoz, Juan Uribe, Francisco Ortigosa, Dewi Jones

Asociación Colombiana de Geólogos y Geofisicos del Petróleo (ACGGP)

... appropriate illumination at target level. It has been shown that long offset data does contribute to illuminate in the shadow zones (red ellipse...


Barchan-Dune Movement in Imperial Valley, California

Joseph T. Long, Robert P. Sharp

Pacific Section of AAPG

.... It is obtained by assuming that a barchan covers half the area lying between an ellipse and a circle of radius equal to the minor semi-axis of the ellipse...


Clay Creek Salt Dome, Washington County, Texas

F. E. Heath, J. A. Waters, W. B. Ferguson

AAPG Bulletin

... geology of Clay Creek salt dome. End_Page 47------------------------------ This central area is in the form of an ellipse with a long axis...


Geological Controls on Fluid Compositional Variations in Unconventional Hybrid Plays: Insight from Gas Geochemistry (Montney Play, Western Canada)

Tristan Euzen, Jean-Yves Chatellier, Andy Mort

Unconventional Resources Technology Conference (URTEC)

..., compositional variations were mapped within individual stratigraphic units over an area of about 3,500 square kilometers. Compositional trends mapped...


Stratigraphic and Structural Relations of the Birdbear Formation (Devonian) Western North Dakota, #11282 (2019).

Jeffrey W. Bader,

Search and

...2 #12249 #15412 a’ le Cyc ) part #4 ( Zone B (part) -Dip Up Watford City a 3 le # Cyc Dickinson 2 le # Cyc A’ Study Area ? ? d war le...


Structural Inheritance for the Laramide, Central Montana Uplift: A Wrench-Fault Tectonic Model Related to Proterozoic Orogenesis in the Foreland of the North American Cordillera; #30676 (2021)

Jeffrey Bader

Search and

... of this deformed region have received little attention relative to Laramide tectonism and Precambrian basement interrelations, particularly within...


Some Applications of the Strain Ellipsoid: DISCUSSION

W. J. Mead

AAPG Bulletin

... an ellipsoid when it is deformed by tilting the discs relative to the rod simultaneously. Each disc is truly a plane of no distortion. The author's statement...


Character and Setting of Sand and Gravel Bed Forms on the Open Continental Shelf Off Western Canada

J. L. Luternauer

CSPG Special Publications

.... In an area off northwest Vancouver Island south of where these features were identified, Collins and Bornhold (1984) identified clusters of what were...


Heterogeneous Joint and Fault Systems in the Navajo Sandstone, Southwestern Utah, and Their Influence on Permeability

Hugh A. Hurlow

Four Corners Geological Society

... and vertical contraction at the margin of the extensional orogen, Mormon Mountains area, Nevada and Utah: U. S. Geological Survey Bulletin 2011, 43 p...


Roundness and Shape of Marine Gravels from Urk (Netherlands), a Comparison of Several Methods of Investigation

TJ. H. van Andel, A. J. Wiggers, G. Maarleveld

Journal of Sedimentary Research (SEPM)

... of the former Zuyderzee has made accessible a large area of predominantly fine grained marine sediments. Only in a few places coarse sands and gravels occur...


Fast Shear Azimuths in the Marcellus Shale from VSP and Crossed Dipole Sonic Data; #42161 (2017)

Steve Horne, David Rampton, John Crowe

Search and

... a sliding window for all the sources generating seismic attributes as a function of azimuth and time relative to the first break. These observed data...


Residual Sediment Transport Paths on a Tidal Sand Bank: A Comparison Between the Modified McLaren Model and Bedform Analysis

Veerle Vanwesenbeeck , Jean Lanckneus

Journal of Sedimentary Research (SEPM)

... explained by the location of the study area near the edge of the sand bank. Probably better results of the sediment trend analysis would be obtained...


Structure and Tectonics of the Central New Hebrides Arc

H. Gary Greene, Alexander Macfarlane, David P. Johnson, Anthony J. Crawford

Circum Pacific Council Publications

... and paleogeographic maps that are integrated with the strain ellipse of Wilcox, Harding, and Seely (1973), and to determine changes in the stress field through time...


Seismic Geomorphology Applied to Lower Glen Rose Patch Reefs in the Maverick Basin, Southwest Texas

Enzo S. Aconcha, Charles Kerans, and Hongliu Zeng

GCAGS Transactions

... deposition to the north and elongated reefs to the south of the seismic area. The position of the top-sequence 6 boundary relative...


Extensional Structures Along the Allegheny Front in Virginia and West Virginia Near the Giles County Seismic Zone

Andrew L. Mehlhop, John M. Dennison, Kevin G. Stewart

Appalachian Geological Society

... neotectonic features, however, have been centered around the Giles County, Virginia area (Law and others, 1994; McDowell and Schultz, 1990; Wheeler...


Affinity of Lucianorhabdus and Species of Tetralithus in Late Cretaceous Gulf Coast Samples

Frank H. Wind

GCAGS Transactions

.... The author reported that four large elements form the central area of the basal shield, leaving a rhombic opening at the center. The central process...


Surface Seismic Monitoring of Hydraulic Fracturing Activity in Pennsylvania and West Virginia

Abhash Kumar, Erich Zorn, Richard Hammack, William Harbert

Unconventional Resources Technology Conference (URTEC)

... and location of the majority of the impulsive events does not favor any causal relationship with the hydraulic fracturing in the study area...


Kinematic, Chemical, and Petrological Development of Protomylonite Within the Scove Canyon Segment of the Cuyamaca-Laguna Mountains Shear Zone, Peninsular Ranges, Southern California

Shane M. Howell, Corrin S. Gallarano, Gary H. Girty

Pacific Section SEPM

... of the Scove Canyon segment, a small area of the shear zone underlain entirely by the -118 Ma Pine Valley granodiorite was mapped and sampled for thin...


Geostatistical Methods

Mike Shepherd

AAPG Special Volumes

... can be readily measured.The relative abundance of the various lithofacies within a reservoir interval will vary both vertically and areally. Vertical...


A Fundamental Structural Pattern in Disposition of Mineral and Energy Resources

E. S. T. O'Driscoll

AAPG Special Volumes

... these, in 1970, W. Johnson and R. Horwitz compiled regional magnetic plots of the area, which clearly revealed the association between major ore deposits...


State of the Art Logging Selection to Explore Tight, Low Contrast, Hidden Reservoirs

Anton Setyo Kristanto,Tino Diharja, Rinaldi Sudarwoto, Hengky Ng, Leonora Ludwina Lilasari, Defri W. Widiyanto, Rio Putra

Indonesian Petroleum Association

... area packer of advanced WFT was deployed to measure formation pressures, determine fluid types and contacts, and obtain fluid samples in low...


Three-dimensional modeling of clinoforms in shallow-marine reservoirs: Part 1. Concepts and application

Gavin H. Graham, Matthew D. Jackson, and Gary J. Hampson

AAPG Bulletin

... of the top ellipse relative to the clinoform origin is calculated using and the radius of the base ellipse using To specify highly lobate...


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