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Graphical Techniques for the Analysis and Display of Logging Information: Chapter 2

John H. Doveton

AAPG Special Volumes

... of field values plotted as cumulative frequency curves for sandstone (using data from Bond, 1978) and carbonate reservoirs with vugular...


Geology of Sinbad Valley Anticline

Raymond E. Maret, A. V. Robertson Coe

Four Corners Geological Society

... feet. From the surface to 3700 feet about one-half of the column consists of sandstone, most of which is of a graywacke character or very arkosic...


Hydrodynamic Entrapment of Oil and Gas in Bisti Field, San Juan County, New Mexico

Robert P. McNeal

AAPG Bulletin

... production from Cretaceous Gallup sandstone extends along a narrow belt more than 30 miles. The oil accumulation is controlled by permeability...


An Introduction to the Operational Application of Limestone Thin Sections

R. E. Chancellor

GCAGS Transactions

... of porosity greatly influences the permeability of a given limestone reservoir. Except for porosity resulting from cavernous or fractured rock, thin sections...


X-Ray Fluorescence and Laser Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy for Advanced Rock Elemental Analysis

Heyleem Han, Son Dang, Juan C. Acosta, Jing Fu, Carl Sondergeld, Chandra Rai

Unconventional Resources Technology Conference (URTEC)

... and core plug samples and cuttings. Although interpretation from cuttings is less reliable, it lets geoscientists build a more realistic geological model...


Porosity Diagenesis and Productive Capability of Sandstone Reservoirs

Edward D. Pittman

Special Publications of SEPM

... DISSOLUTION POROSITY Triangular plot of porosity types from four wells in the Second Wall Creek Sandstone tendency for permeability to increase towards...


Innovative methods for flow-unit and pore-structure analyses in a tight siltstone and shale gas reservoir

Christopher R. Clarkson, Jerry L. Jensen, Per Kent Pedersen, Melissa Freeman

AAPG Bulletin

... prolific gas production from low-permeability sandstone reservoirs: Implications for resource assessment, prospect development, and risk analysis: AAPG...


Gas Province in the Deepwater Southern Gulf of Mexico

Leonardo E. Aguilera Gomez, Enrique Guzman Vera, Javier Contreras Trejo, Marco A. Arreguin Lopez, Arturo Escamilla Herrera

GCAGS Transactions

..., show porosity values between 15 and 22%, permeability less than 200 millidarcies, and net/gross ratio varying from 0.3 (distal facies of overbank...


Sedimentology, Statistics, and Flow Behavior for a Tide-influenced Deltaic Sandstone, Frontier Formation, Wyoming, United States

Christopher D. White, Brian J. Willis, Shirley P. Dutton, Janok P. Bhattacharya, Keshav Narayanan

AAPG Special Volumes

.... During diagenesis, calcite concretions formed preferentially at the top of the upper sandstone body as water circulated down from overlying shales.Diagrams...


Unravelling Paradigms in Vaca Muerta Formation, Neuquén Basin, Argentina: The Construction of Geochemical Wellbore Images by Geostatistical Integration of Geochemistry and Conventional Log Data with Wellbore Resistivity Images; #41643 (2015)

Claudio Larriestra, Roberto Merino, Veronica Larriestra

Search and

... ranging from Jurassic to Tertiary ages. Some of these beds are sandstone reservoirs with shale, limestone and anhydrite as the most important seals...


Stratigraphy and Reservoir Characteristics of the Desmoinesian Granite Wash (Marmaton Group), Southern Anadarko Basin; #10813 (2015)

Alyssa M. Karis, Matthew J. Pranter

Search and

... M. Karis1 and Matthew J. Pranter2 Search and Discovery Article #10813 (2015)** Posted December 14, 2015 *Adopted from poster presentation given...


Characterization of Cambrian and Ordovician Strata in the Subsurface of Alberta Using Lithostratigraphy, Biostratigraphy, Organic Petrology and Image Analysis

G. S. Nowlan, F. J. Hein, S. B. Coskun, L. D. Stasiuk, M. G. Fowler, B. S. Norford, B. R. Palmer, G. D. Addison

CSPG Special Publications

..., chitinozoans, graptolites and scolecodonts. Organic Geochemistry, 15: 565–574. Coskun, S.B. and Wardlaw, N.C., 1993. Estimation of permeability from...


Muddy Creek SW

Randall K. Kilian

Kansas Geological Society

... of cores and cuttings, and mapped geometry, it is believed that the Cattleman's Sandstone was deposited in a distributary channel. Deposition was during...


Basement Rocks in Shell-Humphreys Well, Pecos County, Texas: GEOLOGICAL NOTES

E. L. Jones, Jr., Russell C. Conkling

AAPG Bulletin

..., but containing also small amounts of angular and rounded sand and weathered limestone fragments. The character of the cuttings from 4,750 feet to the bottom...


Extended Abstract: Garrison Field, Travis Peak Reservoirs, East Texas: Integrated Characterization and Field Production Enhancement

Amanda M. Suter, Volker W. Göbel

GCAGS Transactions

... with significantly low permeability due to quartz cement. The potential for gas production from sandstones of the Travis Peak Formation in the Garrison Field, East...


Insights into Gas Geochemistry of Large Tight Gas Sandstone Reservoirs from Fluid Inclusions, #41001 (2012)

Jiun-Chi Chao, Wipawon Phiukhao, Donald Hall, Nicholas B. Harris

Search and

...Insights into Gas Geochemistry of Large Tight Gas Sandstone Reservoirs from Fluid Inclusions, #41001 (2012) Jiun-Chi Chao, Wipawon Phiukhao, Donald...


Horizontal Drains in Deep, Tight Gas Reservoirs: Tambora Field's Experience and Outlook

Frederic Febvre, Didier Caie, Sugimin Harsono, Januar Wirawan

Indonesian Petroleum Association

...-deltaic sands, lying between 2500 and 4200 mss. The porosity of these reservoirs decreases with depth from 33% to 8%, and the permeability from 5000...


Abstract: Depositional Architecture of a Turbiditic Sandstone Complex, Lower Green River Formation, Uinta Basin, Utah; #91201 (2022)

Matthew A. Jones, Joshua T. Sigler, Lucas J. Fidler, Tanner A. Posey, and Dusty L. Parker

Search and

... to utilize well logs, cuttings, and geosteering profiles from a highdensity development drilling pattern to resolve the depositional architecture of the Bar...


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