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Potential of Tight Gas in Pakistan: Productive, Economic and Policy Aspects; #80149 (2011)

Shahab Alam

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... speaking, it is gas bearing sandstone or carbonate matrix which exhibits in situ permeability to gas of less than 0.01mD. It is the gas found...


Porosity Prediction, Prior to Drilling, in Sandstones of the Kekiktuk Formation (Mississippian), North Slope of Alaska (1)


AAPG Bulletin

... Mikkelsen, 4 West Mikkelsen, and 10 Sag Delta; 87 porosity and permeability measurements on core plugs from four wells, 1 Duck Island, 3 Duck Island, 1 West...


AAPG Studies in Geology No. 50, (Section Title: Reservoir Permeability, Modeling, and Simulation Studies) Chapter 14: Modeling Permeability Structure and Simulating Fluid Flow in a Reservoir Analog: Ferron Sandstone, Ivie Creek Area, East-Central Utah

Craig B. Forster, Stephen H. Snelgrove, and Joseph V. Koebbe

AAPG Special Volumes

... along the Ferron Sandstone (Cretaceous) outcrop belt. Permeability structures are constructed by combining outcrop facies architecture data...


ABSTRACT: Permeability Prediction and its Impact in Reservoir Modeling. Postle Field, Oklahoma; #90129 (2011)

Cucha Lopez and Thomas L. Davis

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... by these high permeability zones. Core data are available from the study area. In these data, sandstone petrofacies within the reservoir were identified...


STratigraphic Petrology as Aid to Mapping Calcarenite Bodies in Lower and Middle Trinity Cretaceous Rocks of San Marcos Platform, Texas: ABSTRACT

D. L. Amsbury

AAPG Bulletin

.... L. Amsbury 1972 600 600 56 3. (March) Lower Trinity rocks (Sycamore sandstone, Hosston sandstone, and Sligo limestone) and middle Trinity rocks...


Evaluation of Mineralogical Composition and Reliable Petrophysical Parameters by Neutron Induced Gamma Ray Spectroscopy in Mineralogical Complex Reservoir of Lower Goru Formation, Middle Indus Basin … A Case Study, #40887 (2012)

Kamran Aziz, Aamir Rasheed, Arshad Hussain Palekar, Rehan Hanif, S. Sohaib Zulfiqar, M. Zeeshan Baig,

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... CONFERENCE 2011 Estimation of Continuous PermeabilityPermeability from spectroscopy data is called K-Lambda permeability as is derived using...


The Relationship Between Fracture Treatment Shut-Ins, Reservoir Permeability and Production Responses

J. D. Harkrider, W. W. Aud, J. O. Whitting

Wyoming Geological Association

..., there is a correlation between the permeability derived from small volume diagnostic pump-in tests and the resultant productivity...


Pore Type Analysis: Relation to Producibility, Recovery Efficiency and Log Response in Some Indonesian Reservoirs

David K. Davies, Abdul Muin

Indonesian Petroleum Association

...). Additionally, permeability can be calculated for each pore type. Analysis of 3 sandstone reservoirs from Indonesia demonstrates the inherent complexity...


Derivation of Relative Permeability Curves from Capillary Pressure Curves for Tight Sandstone Reservoir Based on Fractal Theory

Xiuyu Wang, Xiaoqiu Wang, Jianfu Wang, Yu Pu, Shenglai Yang

Unconventional Resources Technology Conference (URTEC)

...Derivation of Relative Permeability Curves from Capillary Pressure Curves for Tight Sandstone Reservoir Based on Fractal Theory Xiuyu Wang, Xiaoqiu...


Abnormal Pressures in the Lower Vicksburg, McAllen Ranch Field, South Texas

Robert R. Berg , Mark F. Habeck

GCAGS Transactions

... by extrapolation of shutin buildup pressures and by estimation of pressures from conductivity logs. Hydrostatic heads were then calculated and displayed...


Abstract: Emerging Cretaceous Oil and Gas Play, Alberta, Canada „ Controls on Productivity;

Peter Bauman, Chris Barton

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... scalability. Average production from this interval has grown ~ 70% year over year based on sustainable production rates and subsequent return...


Integrated Petrophysical Formation Evaluation Using Capture Spectroscopy and NMR on an Exploration Well, South Sumatra

ZhanGuo Shi, Mario Petricola, PingZai Wang

Indonesian Petroleum Association

... normal level, and free fluid cut off will increase accordingly. Permeability Estimation Permeability from NMR is a function of both porosity and pore...


Characterization of the Bluebell Oil Field, Uinta Basin, Duchesne and Uintah Counties, Utah (SS-106 Pt. 1)

Craig D. Morgan, J. Wallace Gwynn, M. Lee Allison, Richard Curtice, Milind D. Deo, Richard Jarrard, Thomas H. Morris, Carol N. Tripp

Utah Geological Survey

..., but it appears from cuttings to be shale dominated, with common-to-rare thin sandstone and limestone beds. The Colton Formation, which is mostly red...


Lexington Field--U.S.A. Anadarko Basin, Kansas

Martin Emery, Peter G. Sutterlin

AAPG Special Volumes

... hydrocarbons from a lower Pennsylvanian Morrow sandstone and the Mississippian St. Louis Limestone. Mesa Limited Partnership (formerly Mesa Petroleum Company...


ABSTRACT: Reservoir Rock Quality of the Lakadong Member in the Eastern Part of Upper Assam Basin, India; #90118 (2011)

Pradip Borgohain, Sr. and George B. Gilfellon

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.... The thickness of this member in the area varies from 60 to 150m. The sandstone beds range in thickness from less than a metre to about 13m. In spite...


A New Practical Correlation to Predict Specific Productivity Index for Sihapas Formations in the Minas Field

Rinaldi, Faisal Asmadi

Indonesian Petroleum Association

... are calculated from open hole log data, which is usually available. The correlation is principally generated by using the permeability - density porosity...


Use of Rate-Transient Analysis Techniques for Evaluating Experimental Core Permeability Tests for Unconventional Reservoirs

Atena Vahedian, Chris R. Clarkson, Amin Ghanizadeh, Behnam Zanganeh, Chengyao Song, Hamidreza Hamdi

Unconventional Resources Technology Conference (URTEC)

... of any part of this paper by anyone other than the author without the written consent of URTeC Abstract Estimation of matrix permeability is critical...


Chemostratigraphy and Identification of Fine-Grained Sedimentary Rocks Using Portable XRF

Ali Somarin

GCAGS Transactions

..., and S) and trace elements. The routine mud logging indicates 3 major intervals: (1) from 137 to 603 ft thick siltstone with interbedded sandstone and minor...


Uncertainty in well test and core permeability analysis: a case study in fluvial channel reservoirs, northern North Sea, Norway

Shi-Yi Zheng, Patrick W. M. Corbett, Alf Ryseth, George Stewart

AAPG Bulletin

... and stratigraphy: Chichester, England, John Wiley and Sons, p. 395-508. Oliver, D. S., 1990, The averaging process in permeability estimation from...


Success Story with Low Resistivity Sand in an Exploration Block, Western Edge of Central Sumatran Basin

Heri Setiawan, Panca Widiantoro, Hendarman, Made Primaryanta

Indonesian Petroleum Association

... the resistivity of underlying Upper Pematang water-filled sands. Fluid type in the sands is confirmed from cuttings, MDT samples and well-tests. This paper...


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