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Study of the Atoka Reservoir in the Putnam Atoka Field, Southwestern Dewey County, Oklahoma

Garin Wente

Oklahoma City Geological Society

... thicknesses, net sandstone thicknesses, water saturations and porosities. Cuttings from seven wells are described in Wente (2010); four are from...


Treatise of Petroleum Geology / Handbook of Petroleum Geology: Exploring for Oil and Gas Traps. Chapter 9: Predicting Reservoir System Quality and Performance

Dan J. Hartmann and Edward A. Beaumont

AAPG Special Volumes

... Permeability from Cuttings 9-96   End page 9-75 ----------------   Sandstone Diagenetic Processes Introduction Diagenesis alters...


Classification of Carbonate Reservoir Rocks and Petrophysical Considerations

G. E. Archie ^dagger

AAPG Bulletin

... data (porosity, permeability, connate water, and thickness) directly from cores and production data, rather than indirectly from drill cuttings...


Wildcat Valley Sandstone in Southwest Virginia--Possible Reservoir Sandstone

Ralph L. Miller , William Back , Ruth G. Deike

AAPG Bulletin

...-tool wells have penetrated the Wildcat Valley Sandstone below the zone of recent weathering. Laboratory analysis of cuttings from several...


Depositional Environment of Albian Sandstone, Baltimore Canyon Trough, Mid-Atlantic OCS: ABSTRACT

Brian A. Smith

AAPG Bulletin

...) The Albian sandstone, found throughout the Baltimore Canyon Trough, was studied using data from well logs, cores, and cuttings from COST and exploration...



Lawrence M. Monson

Montana Geological Society

...: Paleogeographic model for deposition of Eagle Sandstone and equivalent rocks from Rice and Shurr (1983...


ABSTRACT: Petroleum Charge Analysis of the Southern San Joaquin Basin, California: Implications for Future Exploration; #90007 (2002)

Alton A. Brown

Search and

... Exploration Southern San Joaquin basin petroleum charge was analyzed to evaluate basin prospectivity in areas with low exploration success. Cuttings...


Advances in grain-size, mineral, and pore-scale characterization of lithic and clay-rich reservoirs

K. E. Higgs, M. J. Arnot, and S. Brindle

AAPG Bulletin

... in that sample. For cuttings from the Mount Messenger Formation, the secondary peak is best aligned with the Mount Messenger core sandstone (1370.35 m [4495.89...


Extended Abstract: Visual Rock Characterization can Benefit Reservoir Analysis

Robert K. Merrill

GCAGS Transactions

... of oil. Figure 4. This sample of cuttings is from a sandstone that is siliceous and slightly dolomitic. Euhedral quartz crusts on quartz grains...


Permeability effects of deformation band arrays in sandstone

K. R. Sternlof, J. R. Chapin, D. D. Pollard, L. J. Durlofsky

AAPG Bulletin

... as a function of deformation band volume fraction for a deformation band/sandstone matrix permeability ratio of 102. Results from the numerical model...


Reservoir characterization and lithostratigraphic division of the Mount Simon Sandstone (Cambrian): Implications for estimations of geologic sequestration storage capacity

Cristian R. Medina, John A. Rupp

Environmental Geosciences (DEG)

... from drill cuttings, and cores suggests that the Mount Simon Sandstone contains a variety of lithofacies, each of varying compositions, which...


Effect of Drilling and Completion Methods on Frontier Gas Production, Northern Moxa Arch, Southwest Wyoming

M. Smithwick Schultz, Randal F. LaFollette

Wyoming Geological Association

... cuttings taken from an unusually clean Second Frontier sandstone on the Moxa Arch. Note the difference in clay abundance, quartz overgrowths, and large...


Abstract: Multi-Scale Facies Classification for Prediction of Textural Rock Properties from Post-Stack Seismic Data: BV Nose Discovery, Upper Miocene Deepwater Stevens Play, San Joaquin Basin, California; #90311 (2017)

Doug L. Klepacki, Adam Cox

Search and

... producing from an average depth of 10,000 ft true vertical depth subsea. Production is from the deepwater upper Stevens N–O sandstone member...


Estimation of Reservoir Properties and Oil-Gas Saturation of Paleozoic Sediments of the Cis-Ural Downwarp

V. P. Potapov, Sh. V. Abashev

Petroleum Geology: A Digest of Russian Literature

...%, and gas permeability is 1-2 md. Bitumen is rare. These rocks were not tested. The Kynovsko-Givetian clastic unit contains several sandstone beds 3-5 m...


Petroleum Geochemistry in Oil Production

Wallace G. Dow, Suhas C. Talukdar

Asociación Colombiana de Geólogos y Geofisicos del Petróleo (ACGGP)

... in sandstones or other non-source limestone reservoirs'. The free hydrocarbon bearing intervals are identified from TOC and Rock-Eval data on cuttings...


ABSTRACT: Petrophysical Property Estimation for Miocene Ngrayong Sandstone, Using Integrated Core-Log Analysis; A Case Study in Building Reservoir Geomodel Using Limited Data, Kawengan Field, Indonesia; #90108 (2010)

Vena F. Eveline, Bob W. Adibrata, and Syamsu Yudha

Search and

...ABSTRACT: Petrophysical Property Estimation for Miocene Ngrayong Sandstone, Using Integrated Core-Log Analysis; A Case Study in Building Reservoir...


Cool Shale in the Udang Formation, South Belut Sub-Basin

Budi R. Permana, Miftahul Firdaus, Retno Wijayanti, Lukman Hidayat

Indonesian Petroleum Association

.... The permeability was controlled and calibrated by permeability (mobility) from MDT data (Figure 14). Timur equation K = a. (Phieb/Swc) Where, K Phie Sw...


Permeability characterization of natural compaction bands using core flooding experiments and three-dimensional image-based analysis: Comparing and contrasting the results from two different methods

Shang Deng, Lin Zuo, Atilla Aydin, Jack Dvorkin, and Tapan Mukerji

AAPG Bulletin

... measured the permeability of 30 samples extracted from 6 sets of compaction bands and the adjacent host rocks of the Jurassic aeolian Aztec Sandstone...


Challenges in Reservoir Characterization and Original Oil-in-Place Estimation in the Presence of Very Fine Bedding: An Example from a Mixed Clastic-Carbonate Reservoir from Block 0, Offshore Angola; #20073 (2009)

Daniel M. Kiala, Steve Jenkins, Antonio M. Ingles, Yahya Fitor, Julia Correia

Search and

...Challenges in Reservoir Characterization and Original Oil-in-Place Estimation in the Presence of Very Fine Bedding: An Example from a Mixed Clastic...


Preliminary Evaluation of the Shale Gas Prospectivity of the Lower Cretaceous Pearsall Formation in the Onshore Gulf Coast Region, United States

Catherine B. Enomoto, Krystina R. Scott, Brett Valentine, Paul C. Hackley, Kristin Dennen, Celeste Lohr

GCAGS Transactions

... with a minor amount of dark red fragments. Cuttings from the well in Florida are a poorly sorted mix of reddish-brown siltstone to sandstone...


A Tight Gas Sand Reservoir Characterization Approach in Delineating Different Benches across Lower Cotton Valley Rocks

Matthew Chumley, Bhaskar Sarmah, Joseph Anderson, Rojelio Medina, Hoda Tahani

GCAGS Transactions

... are typically characterized by low resistivity pay and varying pore throat size. Determining correct saturation and a reasonable permeability estimation...


Selected Studies in High-Angle Hole Cleaning

Mario Zamora, Paul Hanson

Indonesian Petroleum Association

... of cuttings transport by field muds in the experimental flow loops are included where appropriate. The photographs are still frames from video tapes recorded...


Diagenetic Reservoir Facies and Diagenetic Evolutionary Sequences of Extra-Low Permeability Reservoirs in the Upper Triassic Xujiahe Formation of Fenggu Structure, Western Sichuan Depression, China, #10415 (2012)

Yu Lin, Zhangyou Xu, Shenghe Wu

Search and

...Diagenetic Reservoir Facies and Diagenetic Evolutionary Sequences of Extra-Low Permeability Reservoirs in the Upper Triassic Xujiahe Formation...


Aptian Shale Gas Prospectivity in the Downdip Mississippi Interior Salt Basin, Gulf Coast, USA

Paul Hackley, Brett J. Valentine, Catherine B. Enomoto, Celeste D. Lohr, Krystina R. Scott, Frank T. Dulong, Alana M. Bove

Unconventional Resources Technology Conference (URTEC)

.... to Jackson Co. Legacy cuttings from these wells were analyzed for thermal maturity and source rock quality. Bitumen reflectance (n=53) increases...


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