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Volcanic Reservoir Characterization of Jatibarang Formation Based on an Integrated Study of Petrography, Core, FMI, and Well Log

Zeindra Ernando, Achmad Fathoni

Indonesian Petroleum Association

..., and sidewall core analyses from Ratu-01 well, the altered volcanic sediments of the Jatibarang Formation are identified as tuffaceous sandstone deposits...


Pore-throat characterization in highly porous and permeable sandstones

Bassem S. Nabawy, Yves Geraud, Pierre Rochette, Nicolas Bur

AAPG Bulletin

... available estimation of displacement pressure, from other data such as porosity and permeability, would be helpful (Pittman, 2001).Through the past...


ABSTRACT: Diagenesis and Reservoir Quality Evaluation Using Combined Petrographic, Isotopic and Geochemical Records; #90061 (2006)

Horst Zwingmann and Reinhard Gaupp

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... sandstone reservoirs. Illite is a major clay mineral component in these sandstone and is responsible for their low permeability. It displays a wide...


Leveraging a Legacy Sample and Data Collection for Carbon Storage Resource Assessment; #42240 (2018)

Mojisola A. KunleDare, Peter P. McLaughlin

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... Repository holds all the remaining core and cuttings samples from the 5 COST and 46 industry wells drilled on the U.S. Atlantic Outer Continental...


Abstracts: Reservoir Characterization by Means of Drill Cuttings; An Example of Hydrothermal Dolomite in Cuttings from the West Sukunka River Area of British Columbia; #90173 (2015)

Tijmen H.D. Hartel

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...Abstracts: Reservoir Characterization by Means of Drill Cuttings; An Example of Hydrothermal Dolomite in Cuttings from the West Sukunka River Area...


Statistical Analysis of the Petrophysical Properties of the Bakken Petroleum System

Aimen Laalam, Habib Ouadi, Ahmed Merzoug, Abderraouf Chemmakh, Aldjia Boualam, Sofiane Djezzar, Ilyas Mellal, Meriem Djoudi

Unconventional Resources Technology Conference (URTEC)

... trees and Adaptive Neuro-Fuzzy Inference System (ANFIS) to predict the reservoir permeability from porosity measurements for the upper sandstone...


Petroleum Geochemistry in Oil Production

Wallace G. Dow and Suhas C. Talukdar

Houston Geological Society Bulletin

... intervals are identified from TOC and Rock- Eval data on cuttings and core samples. (Figs. 1 and 2). Estimation of API gravity from rock samples prior...


Advanced Geochemical Analysis of Volatiles Present in Drill Cuttings to Drive Decisions from Single Well Completions to Acreage/Basin Assessments: Examples from the Permian, STACK, and SCOOP

Michael Smith, Christopher Smith

Unconventional Resources Technology Conference (URTEC)

... that it is possible to extract meaningful permeability and water saturation measurements from legacy unpreserved cuttings using RVStrat. Figure 3: RVStrat...


Outcrop-based reservoir characterization of a kilometer-scale sand-injectite complex

Anthony Scott, Andrew Hurst, Mario Vigorito

AAPG Bulletin

... light and backscattered-electron microscopy modes, respectively. (A) A high-permeability sandstone (4893 md) from a stepped sill (location in Figure 12B...


Anomalous Porosity and Permeability Preservation in Deeply Buried Tertiary and Mesozoic Sandstones in the Cusiana Field, Llanos Foothills, Colombia

Edward A. Warren , Andrew J. Pulham

Journal of Sedimentary Research (SEPM)

..., 1988, Permeability, conductivity and pore geometry of sandstone: Journal of Geophysical Research, v. 93, p. 7729-7740. EMERY, D., AND ROBINSON, A.G....


The Concept of Stationarity and Support in Permeability Assessment for Upscaling using the Probe Permeameter

Septi Anggraeni

Indonesian Petroleum Association

.... M., Riggert, V. L.,1994. The sample support problem for permeability assessment in sandstone reservoir. Yarus, JM., and Chambers, R.L (ed...


Well Log Analysis and Seismic Attenuation in a Heavy Oilfield: Ross Lake, Saskatchewan; #20294 (2015)

Zimin Zhang, Robert Stewart

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...) estimation from VSP data. The interval Q values for a layered medium are then calculated from Qave (Bale et al., 2002), The amplitude spectra for all...


Modeling of Sandstone Ngrayong Formation Using Digital Image Analysis

Annisa Rachmi Trahwiwit Widijana, Fourier Dzar Eljabbar, Almira Anissofira, Fatkhan, Handoyo

Indonesian Petroleum Association

... is used as modeling parameters. The models based on the characteristics of the sandstone from the Ngrayong Formation are calculated and simulated...


Drilling Fluids: Tackling Drilling, Production, Wellbore Stability, and Formation Evaluation Issues in Unconventional Resource Development

Mike Stephens, Wenwu He, Michael Freeman, George Sartor

Unconventional Resources Technology Conference (URTEC)

... in permeability than most unconventional sandstone gas reservoirs. Lessons learned from tests conducted on this rock may have application to other...


Chapter 8: Petrophysical Characteristics of the Ivie Creek Case-Study Area - Geological and Petrophysical Characterization of the Ferron Sandstone for 3-D Simulation of a Fluvial-Deltaic Reservoir (MP-02-6)

R.D. Jarrard, M.A. Chan, C.B. Forster, S.H. Snelgrove

Utah Geological Survey

... on Permeability: Evidence from Ivie Creek Core Plugs Ferron Sandstone permeability is very closely related to porosity, with a linear relationship...


Porosity Evolution in the Albert Formation of the Stoney Creek Oil and Gas Field, Moncton Subbasin, New Brunswick, Canada (1)


AAPG Bulletin

... was measured from density and sonic logs, by core analyses using the Boyle's law helium method, and by back-scattered electron images (BSE). Permeability...


Abstract: Carper Sandstone Potential in the Illinois Basin

James Blumthal

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...Abstract: Carper Sandstone Potential in the Illinois Basin James Blumthal Search and Discovery Article #90068© 2007 Eastern Section Meeting...


Abstract: Kaybob Dunvegan Oil: A Not-So Unconventional Oil Play; #90224 (2015)

Alison E. Essery, Jim C. Campbell, Suzan Moore, and Teresa Marin

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... comprise mappable sandstone targets, albeit with lesser permeability than discoveries made twenty years ago. The Kaybob Cretaceous Dunvegan oil play...


ABSTRACT: Facies controls on the quality of the Glauconitic sandstone reservoirs in the Hoadley and adjacent fields: predicting permeability from compositional and diagenetic trends

Pat Okaro, John Hopkins

CSPG Special Publications

...ABSTRACT: Facies controls on the quality of the Glauconitic sandstone reservoirs in the Hoadley and adjacent fields: predicting permeability from...


Effective flow properties of heterolithic, cross-bedded tidal sandstones: Part 2. Flow simulation

Benoît Y. G. Massart, Matthew D. Jackson, Gary J. Hampson, and Howard D. Johnson

AAPG Bulletin

... on Effective Permeability To determine whether effective permeability can be predicted from measurements of sandstone fraction (i.e., net-to-gross ratio...


Fluid Flow, Diagenesis and Hydrocarbon Entrapment History of the Plover Formation, Sahul Platform, Australia

Grant K. Ellis

Petroleum Exploration Society of Australia (PESA)

... fluorescence was observed in sandstone cuttings from the interval 3000 to 3031 m and a trace to 15% dull to moderately bright yellow sample fluorescence...


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