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An Allostratigraphic Framework for a Retrogradational Delta Complex: The Uppermost Dunvegan Formation (Cenomanian) in Subsurface and Outcrop, Alberta and British Columbia

Michael J. Hay, A. Guy Plint

CSPG Bulletin

... a somewhat more sharply-tapered wedge that thins eastward from 28 m to zero close to 118°W (Fig. 13). Compared to the more linear trend in allomember B...


Chapter 2: Sub-Andean Thick and Thin-Skinned Thrust Systems of Southeastern Peru and Bolivia—A Review

Ken McClay, Javier Tamara, James Hammerstein, Andres Mora, Gonzalo Zamora, Hodei Uzkeda

AAPG Special Volumes

.... a. Conceptual diagram of a wide thin-skinned thrust wedge showing imbricate thrust faults forming a critically tapered Coulomb wedge detached above...


Sediment Flow and Deformation (SFD) Layers: Evidence for Intrastratal Flow in Laminated Muddy Sediments of the Triassic Osawa Formation, Northeast Japan

Gentaro Kawakami, Makoto Kawamura

Journal of Sedimentary Research (SEPM)

.... Some SFD layers gradually taper laterally into a very thin sand layer and show wedge-shaped geometry. The tapered ends show no deformation structures...


Deep-water Niger Delta fold and thrust belt modeled as a critical-taper wedge: The influence of elevated basal fluid pressure on structural styles

Frank Bilotti, John H. Shaw

AAPG Bulletin

.... Regional two-dimensional seismic line through the contractional toe of the Niger Delta, showing the tapered, wedge shape of the deep-water fold...


Strategies for In Situ Recovery of Utah's Heavy Oil and Bitumen Resources (OFR-551) 2009

Steven Schamel

Utah Geological Survey

... that establishes the western tapered edge of the deposit. The eastern edge is defined by the unconformity cut-off, or the modern land surface in the canyon...


Dinosaur and Wood Fossils from the Cretaceous Corwin Formation in the National Petroleum Reserve, North Slope of Alaska

Henry W. Roehler, Gary D. Stricker

Alaska Geological Society

... Survey, oral commun., 1981). Figures 7 and 8 are photographs of cypress-like tapered trunks that have weathered from cutbanks on the creek. Note...


Parsimonious Deconvolution

Jon F. Claerbout

Southeast Asia Petroleum Exploration Society (SEAPEX)

.... Then, the result could be transformed into the time domain, say (22) db ← dB = α   X * G   B Next, db can be tapered or truncated...


Paleogeography: Coastal Studies Provide More Questions Than Answers

William F. Tanner

Oklahoma City Geological Society

... shoaler than 12 m. Ripple marks having flat tops, or crescentic (barchan) shapes, or tapered tines like a pitchfork or rake; water less than one meter...


Miocene Macrofauna Along Sespe Creek, Ventura County, California

Richard L. Squires, A. Eugene Fritsche

Pacific Section SEPM

..., but are articulated and have the shell material still intact. Average length of the uncrushed specimens is 2.5 cm. Preservation of the single 2-cm-long, tapered tube...


Analytical Methods for Determining Small Quantities of Mercury in Natural Gas

M. Muchlis

Indonesian Petroleum Association

... or tapered end at each ends for ease of sealing or quick attachment to the sampling point or analytical equipment. Silvered glass beads or gold wire...


Experiments in rheoplasis during sediment intrusion

A. G. Flint, H. W. van de Poll, I. M. Patel

Atlantic Geology

... was disconnected and the cement block carefully removed from the box, the tapered shape facilitating this operation. The polythene liner was removed...


Multiple Aliasing Problems in Marine Data

P. Chia, C. O. Kuek, P. Ward, K. S. Lee

Geological Society of Malaysia (GSM)

..., by applying a surgical tapered blanking operator (or rather a K-notch filter) centered around that particular K value in the FK domain, the aliased noise...


Floating Production Systems with Subsea Wells: Case History of a Marginal Field Development

Iwan D. Satiagunawan, A. C. Carl, P. G. Wybro

Indonesian Petroleum Association

... 50 feet below the surface of the water. Tapered steel stress joints are located at the top of the tree and below the buoy to alleviate overstress...


Pipeline Drag Reducer and Hydrocyclones - Successful Application of New Technology in Indonesia

Rawindra, Bagus Cahya Kartika

Indonesian Petroleum Association

... is a 35 mm (1.4 in.) nominal size, which is the diameter of the liner at the transition point from the concentric reducing section to the fine tapered...


The Austin Chalk - An Overview

Doug Haymond

Houston Geological Society Bulletin

... in Pearsall Field tapered off, with 87 total wells having been drilled and 5303 MBO produced by 1950. The next 23 years saw only 40 additional Austin...


West Louisiana Chenier Plain History

William F. Tanner

GCAGS Transactions

.... Because these marshes are underlain, in good part, by fine clastics (silt and clay), their tapered shapes indicate a source to the east: presumably...


Small Eocene Wilcox Foraminifera from the Subsurface Texas Gulf Coast, Houston, Texas

F. Marion Setzer

GCAGS Transactions

... tapered slit-like openings at the septal suture extending into the mildly depressed umbonal area which is covered by small exogenous beads. Sutures thin...


A Practical Case of Offshore Environment Protection in the Mahakam Area

Paul A. Wiet, Triadjie Poerwanto

Indonesian Petroleum Association

... to be broken and partially severed. The 13 3/8" was said to be visible, broken and tapered off inside the 30". Measurements using calipers showed the 30...


Retrofit Gas Lift System, Unconventional Method to Maximize Hydrocarbon Recovery

Afif, Djabaruddin, Kurniawan Purwoko, Eko Andriyanto, Sylvia Yusim

Indonesian Petroleum Association

... production tubing was run in 7-5/8” x 7” x 41/2” tapered production casing. Production packer was set on the upper casing to isolate A-annulus from tubing...


Distribution and Textural Character of Surficial Sediments, Isles Dernieres to Ship Shoal Region, Louisiana

S. Jeffress Williams , Shea Penland , Ronald C. Circe

GCAGS Transactions

... of Mexico. It is clearly defined by its shore parallel orientation, tapered shape toward the east, and asymmetrical longitudinal profile. The maximum...


Shallow Water Ripple Mark Varieties

William F. Tanner

Journal of Sedimentary Research (SEPM)

... were widely-spaced and crossed simple ripple mark fields at angles of 70° to 110° (fig. 2-E). Each ridge was tapered, having the narrowest portion...


The Shell Method of Impregnating Cores of Unconsolidated Sediments

R. N. Ginsburg, H. A. Bernard, R. A. Moody, , E. E. Daigle

Journal of Sedimentary Research (SEPM)

... for display and loan purposes. Additional Details of Equipment and Materials Aluminum pans.--Two sizes of tapered aluminum pans are used, both of which...


Nautiloids and Current Ripples as Paleocurrent Indicators in Upper Ordovician Limestones, Anticosti Island, Canada

Owen A. Dixon

Journal of Sedimentary Research (SEPM)

... of the tapered shells (fig. 3). Many of the molds are of incomplete shells which, before burial, lost either the thin apical portion or part of the body...


Radial Faulting Above Salt-Diapir Overhangs: Natural Example, and Physical and Kinematic Models

Bruno C. Vendeville, Khaled Fouad, Paul R. Knox

GCAGS Transactions

... thickness, about 1 cm in the center, tapered down to 0.3 cm at the periphery of the overhang. Before deformation started, we buried the silicone...


South Hallettsville Field (Wilcox), Lavaca County, Texas

Stanley M. Leventhal

GCAGS Transactions

..., are not displayed. Volumetric gas reserve calculations for the Konvicka G.U. No. 1, using a conservative 108-acre reservoir size with a tapered sand...


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