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Lenticular Shale Fabrics Resulting from Intermittent Erosion of Water-Rich Muds—Interpreting the Rock Record in the Light of Recent Flume Experiments

Juergen Schieber, John B. Southard, Arndt Schimmelmann

Journal of Sedimentary Research (SEPM)

... flattened, are deformed around other clasts, and show tapered edges. Many of the clasts range in size from 5 millimeters to several centimeters...


Upper and Middle Devonian Ostracodes from the Beaverhill Lake Formation, Alberta, Canada

Peter McGill

CSPG Bulletin

..., the posterior socket small, the anterior socket elongate. Dorsal contact margin of RV tapered, to a fine edge, expanded at each cardinal angle to form...


“Window” Outcrop Analogs for Greater Natural Buttes Field, Uinta Basin, Utah

Howard White, Rex Cole, Steve Stancel, Carrie Lee, Logan MacMillan

Utah Geological Association

... bodies may be abrupt or tapered. Tapered edges are typically very calcareous and bioturbated. Single-story sand bodies were probably deposited by a single...


A Relict Triangle Zone at Benjamin Creek Gas Field, Southern Alberta Foothills: Geometry, Kinematics and Preservation

Roland G. Dechesne, James W. Muraro

CSPG Bulletin

... to the leading edge of the deformation only when the prism is at least critically tapered (Davis et al., 1983). Supercritical taper allows transport of the thrust...


Early Diagenetic Concretions Associated with Intrastratal Shrinkage Cracks in an Upper Proterozoic Dolomite, Tasmania, Australia

Clive R. Calver, Peter W. Baillie

Journal of Sedimentary Research (SEPM)

... contain planar, bedding-normal veins, spaced 5-10 mm apart, and slightly tapered towards their upper and lower extremities. These thinner parts may...


Speckled Beds: Distinctive Gravity-Flow Deposits in Finely Laminated Diatomaceous Sediments, Miocene Monterey Formation, California

Alice S. Chang, Kurt A. Grimm

Journal of Sedimentary Research (SEPM)

..., these aggregates appear lenticular in shape, with rounded or tapered terminations, and are consistently aligned parallel to bedding. In plan view...


Spectral Decomposition in a Heavy-oil and Bitumen Sand Reservoir

Carmen C. Dumitrescu, Larry Lines

AAPG Special Volumes

... be either a tapered or untapered rectangular window (boxcar), Gaussian window, Hamming window, or Hanning window (Mallat, 1999). Partyka et al. (1999...


Structural Analysis Using Spatial Filtering in Interior Plains of South-Central Alberta

J. E. Robinson , H. A. K. Charlesworth , M. J. Ellis

AAPG Bulletin

... be transformed back into the frequency domain. The tapered amplitude spectrum has another advantage. Undulations of a particular scale on a structure-contour...


The Oil Fields of Russia: Chapter 6 - Well Casing

Arthur Beeby Thompson

Other Technical

... blocks, tapered on the inner side and provided with grooves which correspond with similar grooves planed on a wedge-block separating them...


Experience of Opening of Beds by Encased Jet Perforators

N. G. Grigorian Н. Г. Григорян

Petroleum Geology: A Digest of Russian Literature

... to a change of the angle of the tapered jet channel in comparison with the charge as was used in the U.S.A., provides piercing of a passage...


Late Tertiary Geologic History of the Continental Shelf off Northwestern Palawan, Philippines

E. V. Tamesis, E. V. Man̄alac, C. A. Reyes, L. M. Ote

Geological Society of Malaysia (GSM)

...r group in a tapered array) at intervals of 70.1 meters. This was towed 197 meters from the vessel. Recording instruments used were an SDS 1010 with binar...


A New Late Paleocene Vertebrate Fauna from the Ohio Creek Formation of Western Colorado

Benjamin John Burger

Rocky Mountain Association of Geologists

... are slightly less inflated, exhibiting a more tapered outline. Table 1. Measurements of specimens. P upper premolar, M upper molar, p lower premolar, m lower...


The Exploration of the Nickel Laterite Deposits in Irian Barat, Indonesia

C. D. Reynolds, I. Havryluk, Saleh Bastaman, Soepomo Atmowidjojo

Geological Society of Malaysia (GSM)

... in order to develop comparative information. C. D. 316 REYNOLDS et al. The test pits measured 1-1 /2 meters square at the surface and tapered downward...


First Sub-Sea DST Well Test With ESP in Indonesia

Imanudin, Mohammad Reza Yazdi, Khaled Hatem, Li Chun Long, Azriz Azim Abdul Aziz

Indonesian Petroleum Association

... are simply pushed up through the wellhead. Sealing adapters seal to the BOP Can using tapered threads for minimal space requirements. A breakaway penetrator...


CO2 Injection and Sequestration in Depleted Oil and Gas Fields and Deep Coal Seams: Worldwide Potential and Costs


Environmental Geosciences (DEG)

... injection rate of 23,000 t/day (426 106 ft3/day) in 1996 before being tapered off gradually. Altura forecasted recovery of 348 million bbls of EOR...


Strontium Isotope Stratigraphy and the Oligocene-Miocene T-Letter StagesŽ in Papua New Guinea

T. L. Allan, J. A. Trotter, D. J. Whitford, M. J. Korsch

Papua New Guinea (PNG) Petroleum Convention Proceedings

... that have a “saddle”-shaped outline in oblique vertical section (across the test periphery) and an elongate, tapered outline in vertical section...


Pre-Cambrian Geology of the Area Between Clay Basin and Browns Park in Utah and Colorado

Wallace R. Hansen

Wyoming Geological Association

... "chessboard structure," generally with short discontinuous twin laminae in part tapered or wedge-shaped, but with optical continuity. Optical continuity...


Laramide Synorogenic Strata Bounding the Front Range, Colorado

Robert G. Raynolds

Rocky Mountain Section (SEPM)

... define a tapered wedge lapping onto the Cretaceous strata of the High Plains. The Denver Basin has been classified as a perimeter Laramide basin...


Fishing Techniques for Drilling Operations

J. Douglas Cearley

Abilene Geological Society

...-bottomed mill, it sometimes pays to redress it with a tapered or pilot mill before making a catch tool run. Sometimes small workover tubing is used...


Injection of Chemicals for Enhanced Oil Recovery: A Technical and Economical Viewpoint Based on Practical Experience

Jacques Bosio, J. F. Lomer, A. Putz

Indonesian Petroleum Association

... at low shear rate will be of the order of 35 cp. Another 0.5 pore volume of a tapered concentration will follow the first slug. The test should last...


Formation of Spaced Cleavage and Concurrent Mass Removal of Si02, Meguma Goup Metagreywackes, Goldenville, Nova Scotia

F. Fueten, P. M. Clifford, L. L. Pryer, J. H. Crocket, M. J. Thompson

Atlantic Geology

... exceeds 50%; quartz grains are eye-shaped with tapered ends, defining the cleavage though not very powerfully. Cleavage zones (CZ) are zones of high...


Recognition of Trace Fossils

A. A. Ekdale, R. G. Bromley, S. G. Pemberton

Special Publications of SEPM

... drainage features exhibit a distinct branching pattern, the branching angle is quite variable and the width of the channels is obviously tapered...


Appendix 1: Patch Reef Coral Communities of Southern British Honduras and Illustrated Catalogue of Common British Honduras Corals

Mark E. York

New Orleans Geological Society

... structure; 4. Side view showing thin, tapered edge; 5. Bottom view showing attachment area and encrustations by algae; 6. Close-up showing bottom edge...


Core Hardness Testing and Data Integration for Unconventionals

Elizabeth Ritz, Matt Honarpour, William F. Dula, Jack P. Dvorkin

Unconventional Resources Technology Conference (URTEC)

... pronounced than the butt, because of the thinner, tapered profile. URTeC 1916004 6 The Leeb hardness measurements also indicate that repeated...


More Effective Means of Distributing Steam into Multisand Reservoirs

K. C. Hong, S. Griston, S. D. Cook

Indonesian Petroleum Association

... section. In general, the length of the straight section is about times the throat diameter, but can be longer. In addition, a tapered divergent...


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