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Overview of Hydraulic Fracturing Test Site 2 in the Permian Delaware Basin (HFTS-2)

Jordan Ciezobka

Unconventional Resources Technology Conference (URTEC)

... tested, including: a. Base design b. Aggressive Limited Entry (ALE) c. ALE with tapered perforations d. Extreme Limited Entry (ELE) e. Extended Stage...


Rejuvenation and Subsidence of Salt Diapirs by Regional Extension

Hongxing Ge ,, Martin P. A. Jackson , Bruno C. Vendeville

GCAGS Transactions

... echelon arrays above the diapir, and their traces deflected sharply above the ends of the walls. Where the source layer was thick and extension was slow...


Clastic Intrusions in Deep-Sea Fan Deposits of the Rosroe Formation, Lower Ordovician, Western Ireland

Jean B. Archer

Journal of Sedimentary Research (SEPM)

... evidence of injection. Features of the elastic intrusions, such as upper-surface irregularities and tapered lateral margins, also occur in wedged...


Comparison of Lower Cambrian Carbonate Facies and Halokinetic Sequences in Minibasins Developed on Opposite Sides of Wirrealpa Diapir, Central Flinders Ranges, South Australia, #50442 (2011)

Aubrey J. Collie, Katherine Giles,

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... (CHS). Both minibasins contain primarily tapered-CHS, which form when sedimentation rate outpaces diapir rise rate. However, the upper Woodendinna...


Identification of Microseismic Attributes Through Spectral Analysis

Michael J. Nava, James W. Rector, Zhishuai Zhang

Unconventional Resources Technology Conference (URTEC)

... cost. Another proposed solution to this problem is through the use of large surface monitoring arrays; however, what is gained in azimuthal coverage...


Natural fractures in the Barnett Shale and their importance for hydraulic fracture treatments

Julia F. W. Gale, Robert M. Reed, Jon Holder

AAPG Bulletin

...; 0.002 in.), sealed with calcite, and present in en echelon arrays. Individual fractures have high length/width aspect ratios (1000:1...


Fishing: Part 3. Wellsite Methods

Arnold M. Woods

AAPG Special Volumes

... of the fish. To do this, either a flat or a tapered mill bit is used (Figure 7). The mill bit has tungsten carbide abrasive surfaces that can trim the fish...


Abstract: Controls of the Geometry and Evolution of Salt Diapirs in Experimental Models and Natural Examples; #90285 (2016)

Shankar Mitra, Pierre Karam

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..., whereas smaller loads, higher sedimentation rates and thinner source layers result in lower Rsg to Ra ratios leading to tapered shapes and eventual...


Key Learnings from Hydraulic Fracturing Test Site - 2 (HFTS-2), Delaware Basin

Yu Zhao, Fadila Bessa, Vinay Sahni, Sriram Pudugramam, Shunhua Liu

Unconventional Resources Technology Conference (URTEC)

...), and arrays of P/T gauges were installed in the vertical and slant science wells. Conventional microseismic (MS) surveys were collected from three...


Characterization of Opening-Mode Fracture Systems in the Austin Chalk

Julia F. W. Stowell

GCAGS Transactions

..., C.G. Bonson, and T. Manzocchi, 2001, Scaling relationships of joint and vein arrays from The Burren, Co. Clare, Ireland: Journal of Structural Geology...


Abstract: A Possible Explanation of Basement Overhang

Gary D. Couples

Earth Science Bulletin (WGA)

... of “splinter blocks”. Splinter blocks are defined here as slivers of basement which are: fault-bound, tapered downward, often spoon-shaped in plan view...


Assessing the influence of clinoform geometry and shoreline position on deposition of sandy turbidites within the Cretaceous Torok Formation, National Petroleum Reserve-Alaska - Abstract

C. Kaba, D. Mohrig

Alaska Geological Society

... as being most consistent with deposition from turbidity currents that decelerated with movement downslope, laying down tapered deposits that pinched out...


Removal of Heavy Liquid Separates from Glass Centrifuge Tubes--Alternate Method: NOTES

Berton J. Scull

Journal of Sedimentary Research (SEPM)

... of freezing is readily controlled. Ordinarily only the heavy liquid in the tapered part of the centrifuge tube is frozen. Our PVT laboratory purchases...


Pressure-Disc Sediment Sampler: NOTES

L. W. LeRoy

Journal of Sedimentary Research (SEPM)

...) the cylinder being at least 0.3 inch iron (preferably chrome steel to minimize rusting), (2) the end of the trigger point so tapered...


Holocene Intertidal Deposits of Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta, California: ABSTRACT

Brian F. Atwater, Daniel F. Belknap

AAPG Bulletin

...) Rivers draining nearly one third of California reach sea level in the Sacramento-San Joaquin delta. Though tapered toward a constricted outlet...


Outcrop analysis of a counter-regionally dipping welded diapir, Oladdie diapir, South Australia, #90112 (2010)

Thomas E. Hearon, IV

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... be seen in plan view and cross section. Preliminary field results indicate several stacked tapered composite halokinetic sequences on the northern...


Abstract: Stratigraphic Analysis of the MissingŽ Swan River Formation (Lower Cretaceous), Southwestern Manitoba; #90213 (2015)

Tim McCullagh and Simon A.J. Pattison

Search and

... of missing Swan River Formation. The missing strata defines a west to east trending “hole” that extends over 13,000 km2, from its tapered western end...


Abstract: 4-D Evolution of Deepwater Fold and Thrust Belts in Accretionary Wedges; #90310 (2017)

Ken McClay, James Hammerstein, Nicola Scarselli

Search and

..., Royal Holloway University of London, Egham, Surrey, United Kingdom. ABSTRACT Accretionary prisms are characterised by critically tapered Coulomb...


Attributes of Carbonate Platforms Associated With Passive Salt Diapirism; #41386 (2014)

Katherine A. Giles

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... HS /Tapered CHS • Salt Cusps • Diapir-Derived Detritus (DDD): deposited in adjacent strata Halokinetic Drape Fold See Giles & Rowan (2012...


A Halokinetic Drape-Fold Model for Caprock in Diapir-Flanking and Subsalt Positions; #40956 (2012)

Kate Giles, Tim Lawton, Austin Shock, Rachelle Kernen, Thomas Hearon, and Mark Rowan

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.... The near-vertical to overturned subsalt caprock parallels steeply dipping strata of the Bunyeroo Formation in a tapered composite halokinetic sequence...


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