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Recognition of a Thin Stratigraphic Trap by Seismic Reflection Character Analysis: ABSTRACT

Roger M. Slatt, Kathe Lighty, John Robinson

AAPG Bulletin

... distribution of sedimentary facies described above. Reflection patterns of 26 1-D seismic models generated from sonic logs correlate with those...


ABSTRACT: Petroleum and Source Rock Geochemistry of the Salayar Basin (Offshore Sulawesi), Indonesia; #90007 (2002)

Joseph Curiale, Eko Lumadyo, Rui Lin

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... provides a significant upside to exploration efforts. Our 1-d basin modeling results suggest that all of these oil-prone sources are mature in the deepest...


ABSTRACT: Early Silurian Qusaiba Source Maturation Modeling on the Arabian Plate; #90007 (2002)

Leonard V. Moore, Christopher A. Johnson

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... day values using thermal maturity, organic matter type (OMT), pyrolysis and activation energy profile data. Site specific (1-D) models can provide...


ABSTRACT: Using Petrel 2007 and other Programs to Create a 3-D Geologic Model of the Quaternary Glacial Deposits in McHenry County, Illinois; #90113 (2010)

Drew R. Carlock

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... sand and gravel aquifer systems. Geologic data were compiled from stratigraphic borings, 1-D and 2-D geophysical data, and available water-well records...


ABSTRACT: Routine Geoelectric Exploration for Shallow Gas and Oil Sands Using Electrical Resistivity Tomography (ERT); #90108 (2010)

Paul Bauman, Brad Hansen, and Dan Parker

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... taken advantage of solid state relays and modern inversion techniques to make an evolutionary leap from 1-D resistivity soundings, a technique that has...


ABSTRACT: Evaluation of Petroleum Systems of Ariyalur-Pondicherry Sub-basin (Bhuvangiri area) of Cauvery Basin, India: A Two Dimensional (2-D) Basin Modeling Study; #90118 (2011)

D. K. Phaye, M. V. Nambiar, and D. K. Srivastava

Search and

.... The present study attempts to bring out a systematic evaluation of both active and speculative petroleum systems model for the basin using 1-D & 2-D modeling...


ABSTRACT: Geology and Assessment of Undiscovered Oil and Gas Resources in the Arbuckle Group, Anadarko Basin, Oklahoma, Kansas and Texas; #90133 (2011)

Stephanie B. Gaswirth

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... Group. Burial history 1-D models calibrated to temperature and vitrinite reflectance data suggest that potential Arbuckle Group source rocks started...


Abstract: Non-First-Break Solution for Shallow Velocity Anomaly Problem; #90211 (2015)

Emil Blias

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... lateral variations in stacking velocities increasing with depth. Dix’s formula gives us interval velocities in 1-D media. In many cases, the 1D assumption...


Abstract: The Novel High-Performance 3-D Magnetotelluric Inverse Solver Based on an Integral Equation Approach; #90255 (2017)

Mikhail Kruglyakov, Alexei Geraskin, Alexei Kuvshinov

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... hydrocarbon and geothermal reservoirs. Starting with 1-D and 2-D MT inversions, nowadays 3-D MT inversions are common practice. However, 3-D...


Characterizing the Near Surface with VSP and Well Logs

Search and

... and their porosities range from 0.34 to 0.58. The processed VSP corridor stack resolved these porous zones and the VSP stack correlated reasonably with the 1-D synthetic...


3-D Analysis and Model Construction

Charles Kerans, Scott W. Tinker

Special Publications of SEPM

... of interpreting 1-D and 2-D subsurface data for stratigraphic analysis of carbonate reservoirs. These 1-D and 2-D data and interpretations become...


The Downdip Yegua Trend of the Upper Texas Gulf Coast

Ann Ayers Martin

Houston Geological Society

... angle (23 degrees) The main pay sands (Yegua 1-D and Cochran sand) show a NW/SE depositional axis. Reservoir drive is a true depletion drive (Cochran...


Potential Shale-Oil Reservoirs in the Eastern Bighorn Basin, Wyoming; #11296 (2020)

B. Toelle, M. Pankau, R. Lynds, P. Tahmasebi

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... results. This study was performed in five phases – 1) 3-D structural framework construction, 2) geochemical data integration, 3) preliminary 1-D...


Tectonic control on hydrocarbon generation in the northwestern Neuquén Basin, Argentina

Harald Karg, and Ralf Littke

AAPG Bulletin

... field calculation is the 1-D and 2-D Fourier differential equation for conductive heat transport as described mathematically by Carslaw and Jaeger (1959...


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