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Workflow for Zoeppritz AVO Inversion to Estimate Seismic Anisotropy, Geomechanical Properties and TOC of Shale: Case Study of Avalon Shale, Delaware Basin, #42416 (2019).

Un Young Lim, Nurul Kabir, Richard L. Gibson Jr.,

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... organic sweet spots and locations for effective hydraulic fracturing. However, most conventional amplitude variation with offset (AVO) inversions cannot...


Full Integration of Seismic Data into Geostatistical Reservoir Modeling

P. van Riel, P. Mesdag, H. Debeye, M. Sams

AAPG Special Volumes

...: The Leading Edge, v. 19, no. 3, p. 242256.Castagna, J. P., and M. M. Backus, eds., 1993, Offset-dependent reflectivity: Theory and practice of AVO...


Fracture Definition by Surface Seismic at the Bluebell-Altamont Field, Uinta Basin, Utah

Norman Harthill, C. Richard Bates, Heloise B. Lynn, K. Michelle Simon

Rocky Mountain Association of Geologists

...-wave reflectivity dominates the reflected signal, whereas, as the angle of incidence increases, the relected signal is dominated by changes in Poisson...


Abstract: Anisotropy Measurements in a Multi-faced Core Sample by using Pulse Transmission Method; #90174 (2014)

Jaime Meléndez Martínez, Douglas R. Schmitt, and Randolph Kofman

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... is the variation in speed of a wave as a function of its direction of propagation. Analyzing anisotropy in unconventional reservoirs is important since...


Geostatistical Inversion in Carbonate and Clastic Reservoirs: Oilfield Case Studies from Kuwait; #20239 (2014)

Osman Al-Khaled, Yousef Al-Zuabi, Keith Edwards, Mohammad Hafez, and Denny Sulistiono

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... interbeds. Full stack and angle stack datasets were made available for Burgan Field based on the latest seismic data reprocessed in 2010. A complete...


Testing the Tertiary Basin Floor Fan Play in the Gulf of Papua, PNG, #10802 (2015).

Brad Bailey, Galal Salem, Patrick Haltmeier

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..., AVA index, scaled Poissons ratio, etc.). Intercept-gradient plots were derived directly from the seismic amplitude varying with offset/angle of each...


Integrated Workflow for Fracture Characterization ; From Well Bore Analysis, Post-Stack Geometrical Attributes and Pre-Stack Azimuthal Inversion; Case Study for Fractured Volcanic Reservoir Analysis in Jatibarang Field, North West Java Basin

Aji Rahmat Ginanjar, Andreas Wasi Kuncoro, Muhammad Taslim, Tri Sunarno Irianto, Arrie Kurniawan, Oddy Pranidhana

Indonesian Petroleum Association

... (AVAZ), Velocity Variation with incident Angle and Azimuth (VVAZ) and post-stack geometrical attributes including coherence and curvature. For Pre-stack...


Side-Scan Sonar and Seismic Reflection Evidence of Volcanic Reactivation Within the Line Island Seamount Chain

B.H. Keating

Circum Pacific Council Publications

... kms. The track line is marked by a double line at the center of the image. The high reflectivity cone is marked by an arrow. The cone is roughly...


Kerogen-Bitumen-Porosity Nexus: Insights from Multi-Basinal Collocated SEM-Optical Light Petrography

Shaina Kelly, Michelle Johnston, Bernard Lee, Richard San Martin

Unconventional Resources Technology Conference (URTEC)

..., with no observed organic porosity. Note that some of the organic matter may be primitive plant content as well. Variation in reflectivity can...


Prediction of 3-D Facies and Petrophysical Models using Seismic Inversion and Advanced Statistical Data Analytics in Midland Basin Study Area

V. Pandey, T. Nekrasova, I. Tsybulkina, K. Clemons, D. Li, B. Six

Unconventional Resources Technology Conference (URTEC)

... at the farthest offset. Trim statics, which corrects for non-flat events, across the range of offset/angle, is of great importance to Amplitude variation...


The Role of Horizontal Seismic Sections in Stratigraphic Interpretation: Chapter 3

Alistair R. Brown

AAPG Special Volumes

... in seismic reflectivity with recording offset, that is with angle of incidence, has recently become a subject of widespread interest, as it has...


Prospect De-Risking Through a Fully Integrated Approach from Seismic Processing to Geology Interpretation

Francois Baillard, Rajat Rathore, Zhengmin Zhang, David Gold, Safrin Arbi, Mat Hardenberg

Indonesian Petroleum Association

... parameters and θ angle of the dip of the geological strata (Thomsen et al., 1986). The estimation of these parameters are done using tomography and more...


ABSTRACT: Anisotropic PP and PSv Prestack Depth Migration of 4C _OBC_ Seismic Data, Pamberi, Offshore Trinidad

Tony Johns, Carmen Vito and Raul Sarmiento

Geological Society of Trinidad & Tobago

.... Although raypath asymmetry (Thomsen, 1999) and lateral heterogeneity is causing significant variation in the PSv reflectivity, structurally...


A Simple Guide to Seismic Horizon Interpretation

Gil Machado

GEO ExPro Magazine

... the low impedance of sea water Diapirs and other bodies of mobile salt (a) Variation of impedance, reflectivity and seismic profile according to various...


Limitations on Resolution of Seismic Reflections and Geologic Detail Derivable from Them: Section 1. Fundamentals of Stratigraphic Interpretation of Seismic Data

Robert E. Sheriff

AAPG Special Volumes

... variation is the principal concern. A comparison between synthetic seismograms and well logs illustrates the resolving power of seismic data...


Abstract: Nonlinear Seismic Wave Propagation in Heavy Oil; #90224 (2015)

Wubing Deng and Igor B. Morozov

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... Wubing Deng and Igor B. Morozov University of Saskatchewan Summary The propagation, reflectivity, and attenuation of seismic waves in bitumen-rich rocks...


Technical Article: Finding Subtle Traps with Seismic: Interpretative Criteria Clarified

A. Easton Wren

Petroleum Exploration Society of Australia (PESA)

... to the variation in facies it has encountered. The problem is what to do with the signal - assuming we have measured it properly. Structural Applications...


ABSTRACT Quantifying the Probability of Occurrence of Shallow Gas as a Geohazard, #90104 (2010)

Lee Eddy; Shipp Craig; Hack Willem; Gibson J. Larry; Dwan Fa

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.... The variation is determined by a ratio of far‐angle to near‐angle stack. After calibration with  rock properties from well data, this variation...


Deep channels in the CenomanianDanian Chalk Group of the German North Sea sector: Evidence of strong constructional and erosional bottom currents and effect on reservoir quality distribution

Finn Surlyk, Solvejg Kolbye Jensen, Michael Engkilde

AAPG Bulletin

... (Figures 7, 10). The reflectivity is good to moderate, and the reflection pattern is mainly even and parallel but with some irregularities. Very low-angle...


Appalachian Area: Regional Studies

Parker D. Trask, H. Whitman Patnode

AAPG Special Volumes

.... The vertical variation of the color is also plotted on Figure 72. The sediments, on the whole, have a reflectivity close to the average...


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