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Wave-Formed Sedimentary Structures„A Conceptual Model

H. Edward Clifton

Special Publications of SEPM

... various types of unidirectional flow plus the the maximum wave vector as well velocity under the trough of which for reversing flow...


Combining Petrophysical Properties and Ultrasonic Velocity for Improved Prediction of Tight Carbonate Reservoir

Abdallah Abdelkarim, Osman Abdullatif

Unconventional Resources Technology Conference (URTEC)

... and permeability) and ultrasonic P-wave velocity of carbonate samples from different sedimentary lithofacies. In this context, different carbonate lithofacies...


Geometry and Distribution of Sand Bodies in Deltaic Rocks: Abstract

James M. Coleman

CSPG Special Publications

... exploitation. In low-tidal, low-wave-energy deltas that debouch large volumes of sediment, three major types of sand bodies are formed that display...


Abstract: Global Controls of Barrier Island Chain Morphology and Distribution

Virginia Henderson , Orrin H. Pilkey

GCAGS Transactions

... are composed of fewer than 10 islands each. Of the three major tectonic coastal types, marginal seas are most susceptible to barrier island chain formation...


Seasonal Distribution of Magnetite and Ilmenite in Beach Sand of Malaga Cove, California: ABSTRACT

Louis O. Heintz

AAPG Bulletin

... the superiority of onshore wave energy over other types of wave energy. The magnetite and ilmenite in the sand at Malaga Cove are believed to have been...


Reversed-Climbing Ripples and Sand-Wave Deposition in Arkansas River: ABSTRACT

Roderick W. Tillman, Charles W. Ellis

AAPG Bulletin

... has a specific meaning in geology. Four types of sedimentary features were observed in an exposure of a large (4.5 ft high and 35 ft long) sand wave...


Finite Difference Modeling: Part I: Become Expert in Five Minutes

Lasse Amundsen, Ørjan Pedersen, Martin Landrø

GEO ExPro Magazine

... approximation for the wave equation, and the famous Courant–Friedrichs–Lewy (CFL) condition – a necessary condition for convergence while solving partial...


Modern Gempol Sewu Deltaic System in North Central Java for Deltaic Reservoir Potential

Samuel Richard Natanael Simorangkir, Hilmi Lazuardi, Ghaitsa Rizka Myatkhan, Ivan Kristiawan, Yoshi Wiweka Praba Pudyastaawa

Indonesian Petroleum Association

... cover Damar, Kerek and Alluvium. Present day Gempol Sewu Delta is wave dominated and very abrassive. Outcrops along Gempol Sewu Delta give evidence...



Tony Johns, Carmen Vito and Raul Sarmiento

Geological Society of Trinidad & Tobago

... the compressional P-wave and mode- converted PSv-wave, is provided. Mode-converted shear-wave data acquired from 4C surveys allow for imaging where...


Nearshore Bars Along United States Gulf Coast: ABSTRACT

Dag Nummedal

AAPG Bulletin

...Nearshore Bars Along United States Gulf Coast: ABSTRACT Dag Nummedal 1980 1565 1565 64 9. (September) The microtidal, low-wave energy, United States...


Unveiling and Imaging Karst Through Refined Wavefield Separation

Riaz Alai, M Afiq B Mokhtar, Yonghe Guo, Pongga Wardaya, Jun Wang , Rizki Krishna Pratama, Haryono Haryanto

Indonesian Petroleum Association

... wave field has been separated into specular reflections and diffractions. Diffraction energy, in general is much lower in amplitude and separate...


Abstract: Numerical Modeling for Different Types of Fractures; #90187 (2014)

Xiaoqin Cui, Laurence R. Lines, and Edward S. Krebes

Search and References Cui, X.Q., Line, R.L., Krebes, E.S., 2012, Numerical modeling for different types of fractures: CREWES Research ReportVolume24 Backu...


Variability of Modern River Deltas

J. M. Coleman , L. d. Wright

GCAGS Transactions

... types of penecontemporaneous sediment deformational features. Wave power--The higher the wave power, the greater the tendency toward formation...


The Developing Role of Analysis in the Design of Floating Production Systems

D. B. Melver, D. Cash

Indonesian Petroleum Association

... unusual results obtained by the integration. Both types of solution are required in the design process. The occurrence of the mean and slow drift wave...


ABSTRACT: The Eco-Rig Concept: Converting Decommissioned Offshore Platforms for Energy Production

Brian J. Harder, Chacko J. John, Reed J. Bourgeois

GCAGS Transactions

... structures through the use of three renewable energy resources available at the sites: solar, wind and wave energy. This process would involve the initial...


AAPG Studies in Geology No. 50, (Section Title: Regional Sequence Stratigraphic Interpretations) Chapter 8: Regional Stratigraphy of the Ferron Sandstone

Paul B. Anderson and Thomas A. Ryer

AAPG Special Volumes

... are mapped, enhancing our ability to predict geometries of associated reservoir facies. Parasequences tend to follow an evolution of delta types from...


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