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Journal of Sedimentary Research (SEPM)


Journal of Sedimentary Petrology
Vol. 19 (1949)No. 2. (August), Pages 82-86

Ripple Marks as an Aid in Determining Depositional Environment and Rock Sequence

O. F. Evans


Ripple marks, both Previous HitwaveNext Hit-formed and current-formed, are of value in determining the environments under which sediments are deposited and also the sequence of their deposition. Both kinds of ripples form on stream bottoms as well as on the bottoms of lakes and other bodies of water.

A number of important differences are given that help to distinguish between Previous HitwaveNext Hit-formed and current-formed ripples. Also, attention is called to several Previous HittypesTop of ripple marks that can be used in determining sequence of rock layers.

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