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Journal of Sedimentary Research (SEPM)


Journal of Sedimentary Petrology
Vol. 43 (1973)No. 1. (March), Pages 258-271

Environmental and Climatic Controlled Fractionation of Elements in the Mesozoic Carbonate Sequences of the Western Carpathians

Jan Veizer, Rudolf Demovic


Sedimentary carbonate rocks of the Western Carpathians have been analysed for major constituents (CaO, MgO, I.R. = Insoluble Residue) and minor and trace elements (Sr, Ba, Mn, Ti). The distribution of Ba, Ti and Mn is controlled generally by the clay fraction of the I.R., or constituents associated with it. Sr is associated with the carbonate fraction.

The distribution of Mn/Ti and possibly also Mg/Ca ratios seems to be influenced by climatic factors.

The distribution of Sr in pure limestones is of a bimodal (or polymodal) type. Two possible alternatives explaining this feature could be a bimodal nature of diagenetic solutions or bimodality of Sr distribution in the original sediment (aragonite vs. calcite), which is preserved in spite of the diagenetic repartition. The data are not sufficient to decide this question, but the latter alternative is favoured by the authors.

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