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Journal of Sedimentary Research (SEPM)


Journal of Sedimentary Petrology
Vol. 43 (1973)No. 4. (December), Pages 1157-1159

Determination of Organic Carbon in Modern Carbonate Sediments

Alan A. Roberts, James G. Palacas, Irving C. Frost


In the routine analysis for organic carbon in modern unconsolidated sediments the initial step commonly is to remove the carbonate carbon by acid treatment and to analyze directly the organic carbon in the residue. We find, however, that as much as 44% of the organic carbon in modern carbonate sediments from Florida Bay, Florida, is solubilized and lost during the acid treatment. Therefore, the amount of carbon in the acid solution in these, and in similar modern sediments, must also be included in the analysis for an accurate determination of the percentage of total organic carbon in the sample.

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