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Saskatchewan Geological Society Special Publication Number 7: OIL AND GAS IN SASKATCHEWAN, Proceedings of a Symposium Held in Regina, Saskatchewan 11 & 12 October 1984. Editors: J. A. Lorsong and M. A. Wilson
Pages 283-283.


Saskatchewan Geological Survey
Saskatchewan Energy & Mines

The Petroleum Geology Section has begun a programme with the object of producing geophysical log cross-sections of the Phanerozoic strata in Saskatchewan. They will be used in-house for on-going log-picking and stratigraphic correlation studies and will also be available in blue-line form to the public.

Two series are being constructed: (l) Regional Sections which will employ wells more than ten kilometres apart and tie into the East-West and North-South sections of Hutt (1963). These will eventually form a grid covering all of the sedimentary section of Saskatchewan. (2) Local Sections which will employ wells less than ten kilometres apart and which will be restricted to the petroleum-producing areas. Both series will be reproduced with a vertical scale of 1 cm: 12 m (1 in: 100 ft).

Stratigraphically, each section will encompass one of four divisions within the Phanerozoic. These are Mesozoic, Mississippian, Devonian, and Lower Palaeozoic, designated MZ, MISS, DEV, and LP respectively. Sections will also be designated “W” if in the area west of the third meridian (Longitude 106°) and "E" if to the east of it and will also contain a year and number code as in the following example:

Local Section MZ-W -84-1

This indicates the first cross-section in 1984 west of the third meridian, such cross-section being of the Mesozoic strata with adjacent wells closer than 10 km.

The published sheets will also contain name(s) of author(s), date compiled and/or updated, and other information deemed relevant. This might be a typical log in the case of local sections or thickness variation data in the case of regional sections.


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