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Bulletin of South Texas Geological Society


South Texas Geological Society Bulletin
Vol. 29 (1989), No. 7. (March), Pages 11-24

A Practical Method of Identifying and Exploiting Clastic Depositional Environments Using Wireline Previous HitParametersNext Hit

Thomas H. Fett


A practical method of identifying sandstone clastic depositional environments from wireline Previous HitparametersNext Hit would be very useful to anyone doing stratigraphic interpretations. With this in mind, a literature Previous HitsurveyNext Hit was made. The result of the literature Previous HitsurveyNext Hit is an annotated bibliography. Next, experts who were highly regarded geologists in the field of sedimentology and who also had a strong interest in logs were polled. They rated the probability of occurrence for a variety of log-derivable Previous HitparametersTop versus six basic sandstone environment systems. The results were summarized and any consensus was noted. Suggestions for local and individual input were made. The usefulness of this data base to develop analytical ratios and to predict potential “problem log” areas was explored. The resulting ability to better select the proper geological model will improve exploitation of sandstone reservoirs.

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