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South Texas Geological Society Special Publications


Contributions to the Geology of South Texas, 1986
Pages 232-251

Computer-Aided Geologic Study of Yoakum Field, Dewitt and Lavaca Counties, Texas

Stewart Chuber


The multipay Yoakum Field in Dewitt and Lavaca Counties, Texas, results from unique combinations of stratigraphy and compaction folding. Six Edwards wells define a shelf-edge topographic mound with about 150 feet of relief and cut by three northeast-trending faults. This mound forms the foundation structure in the field, which persists through the Navarro (2000 feet higher in the section) and becomes broader and more subdued in the lower Wilcox. The shale-filled, erosional Yoakum Channel cuts across the north end of the northeast-trending structure to form a fold with 175 feet of compaction and truncation closure. To date, the field has produced 12.9 BCF of gas and two million barrels of oil from 24 zones.

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