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The AAPG/Datapages Combined Publications Database

South Texas Geological Society Special Publications


Contributions to the Geology of South Texas, 1986
Pages 63-70

Strandlines of the Chamberlain Sands, Lower Frio Formation, South Texas

Richard H. Sams


Two distinctive sands of the lower Frio Formation are encountered in the subsurface along a narrow trend over four South Texas counties (). The updip pinchout of these sands and small up-to-the-basin faults account for the trapping of several excellent oil fields and many smaller, one- or two-well fields along this trend. Stratigraphic traps along the pinchout are extremely elusive and narrow and have occasioned many a dry hole; nevertheless, the excellent per-well primary oil recoveries indicated by the productive history would seem to justify continued exploration, and a persevering search can be very rewarding. The narrowness of the trend also offers the advantage of leasing only a small amount of acreage and is therefore particularly attractive to independents.

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