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Austin Chalk Exploration Symposium: Geology, Geophysics and Formation Evaluation, 1991
Page 75

Abstract: A Perspective of Fractures Allowed by the Modern Previous HitMagneticNext Hit Method

J. P. Land1


The Previous HitmagneticNext Hit method has historically been used to resolve the structural grain and topographic relief of basement. In recent years the method’s ability has been expanded to include the mapping of Previous HitmagneticNext Hit responses sourced in the upper sedimentary section which adds another dimension to the interpretation.

Survey examples from several geological provinces suggest the importance of being able to view the relationship between Previous HitmagneticTop anomalies created by the structuring of basement and those created in the upper part of the sedimentary section.

Acknowledgments and Associated Footnotes

1 J. P. Land: J. P. Land Associates, Inc., Houston, Texas

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