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Southeast Asia Petroleum Exploration Society (SEAPEX)


Proceedings of the South East Asia Petroleum Expolration Society Volume IV, 1978
Pages 9-21

Structural Interpretations of the Island of Timor Eastern Indonesia

A. J. Barber


Over the last few years three distinct structural interpretations of the island of Timor have been offered. These are: (1) the imbricate model of Hamilton (1973; 1978), in which the island is interpreted as a chaotic melange; (2) the overthrust model of Audley-Charles (1968; Carter, Audley-Charles & Barber, 1976; Barber, Audley-Charles & Carter, 1977) in which the island is interpreted as far-travelled Asiatic material overthrust onto the northern margin of the Australian continent; and (3) the upthrust model of Chamalaun & Grady (1978), in which the island is interpreted as the upthrust margin of the Australian continent. The evidence for these interpretations is reviewed in terms of the structural units previously recognised by Barber et al., (1977) and an evolutionary plate tectonic model for the structure of Timor is proposed which incorporates elements of each of these interpretations.

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