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Southeast Asia Petroleum Exploration Society (SEAPEX)


Proceedings of the South East Asia Petroleum Exploration Society Volume V, 1980
Pages 90-106

The Geophysicist Communicating with Seismic Previous HitProcessingNext Hit

R. E. Sheriff


Today, computers are essential for enhancing seismic Previous HitdataNext Hit. Many geophysicists feel that they are unable to communicate directly with the Previous HitprocessingNext Hit systems and some feel progressively more estranged as processes become more complicated and as the Previous HitdataNext Hit volume grows.

Tomorrow we will have available an increasing array of techniques which the geophysicist will want to use selectively in Previous HitdataNext Hit reduction and analysis. The key to achieving this lies in improved communication between the geophysicist and the machine.

Computers are now undergoing important changes which affect seismic Previous HitdataNext Hit Previous HitprocessingNext Hit. Present systems utilise imbedded Previous HitdataNext Hit structure and file structure for the sake of efficiency. New free access systems provide opportunities for geophysicists to tailor Previous HitprocessingTop to specific problems and objectives. The MEGASEIS system is described as an example of the improved communication now possible between the geophysicist and the computer.

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