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Southeast Asia Petroleum Exploration Society (SEAPEX)


Proceedings of the South East Asia Petroleum Exploration Society Volume VIII, 1988
Pages 239-248

Characteristics of J Sandstone (Tapis Formation) Reservoirs in the Southeastern Part of the Malay Basin, Offshore West Malaysia

N. Ramli


Sedimentary texture and secondary porosity are two of the most important features which may determine the quality of J sandstone reservoirs in the southeastern part of the Malay Basin. Depositional texture including degree of bioturbation appears to control permeability distribution in the various types of shoreface and offshore bar deposits in the sandstone. Permeabilities of non-bioturbated offshore bar and shoreface sandstones are generally greater than 100 millidarcies whilst bioturbated offshore bar and shoreface sandstones possess permeabilities of less than 30 millidarcies. In spite of the above trend, anomalously high secondary porosities may increase the permeabilities of otherwise poorly permeable bioturbated sandstones. Diagenetic processes in the J sandstone were probably controlled by the depositional environment with subsequent modifications by burial diagenesis and meteoric water invasion from the edge of the basin.

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