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Southeast Asia Petroleum Exploration Society (SEAPEX)


Proceedings of the South East Asia Petroleum Exploration Society Volume XI, 1994
Pages 1-13

Information Management: Surfing the Internet for Geological and Geophysical Data

Kelley Smoot, Edna O. F. Reid


This study analyzes the use of Internet for the identification and retrieval of geological and geophysical resources. Internet is a global computer network comprising thousands or networks, the link millions of user located around the world. Users can search thousands of databases and directories, download reports and software send electronic mail (e-mail) to other specialists, and pose questions in discussion groups on numerous topics.

For the geoscientist, searches on Internet retrieved relevant resources such as the Computer Oriented Geological Society (COGS) database, access to seismic processing research programs and a report entitled “Online Resources for Earth Scientists”. It is noted that the Internet is a dynamic, changing entity and the information sought one day might be significantly expanded changed, or discontinued if the same search is conducted at a later date. Other information available include geological news groups, public domain mapping software and UNIX-based geophysical processing programs.

For Asian-based geoscientists the results of this survey identified major advantages in using Internet. Information can be obtained immediately through Internet that is otherwise restricted, difficult, or timely to access. Although most of the resources are US-based, there is a need as well as room to expand Asian geological and geophysical information.

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