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The AAPG/Datapages Combined Publications Database

Southeast Asia Petroleum Exploration Society (SEAPEX)


Offshore South East Asia Conference, 1996
Pages 137-144

Cementing Long Production Intervals in the Gulf of Thailand

Willem Pors, Mike Clayton


Due to extensive faulting and limited sizes, gas reservoirs in the Gulf of Thailand are developed by means of three-dimensional, multiple zone wellbores. In these conditions, zone isolation is critical. For a well to be commercially viable, it demands the operator and the service company to be innovative in finding cost effective cement designs.

This paper discusses the concerns associated with cementing long interval, high temperature, 3-dimensional, multiple zone gas wells and a novel technique utilized to assure multiple zone isolation, which has effectively eliminated remedial cementing. This paper also details, lab test procedures and CBL results of several wells done in this area and finally, a cost comparison of the cement slurry being used and other proposed slurry designs.

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