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Southeast Asia Petroleum Exploration Society (SEAPEX)


Offshore South East Asia Conference, 1996
Pages 341-348

Assessment on the Serviceability of Monopod Platforms in Java Sea Due to Wave Excitation

Gde Pradnyana


The dynamic motion of a slender structure due to wave action has always been interesting to those involved in the flow induce motion with particular application in offshore engineering. Many of the published papers in this field are normally addressed to study the drag and inertia coefficients, the lift coefficient, the flow pattern around the body, the fluid-structure interaction mechanism, etc, with down stream analysis to reassess the magnitude of the wave forces acting on an offshore structure as well as its corresponding responses.

The main aim of this analysis is to demonstrate a method to assess the serviceability of the monopod platform in daily operation. This paper presents the numerical time domain analysis of the wave-structure interaction and compares the results with the data obtained from the field measurements on a monopod platform. A daily wave condition, typically faced in Java Sea, is used to generate the wave loading on the monopod.

The results show that the computer model developed in this study has been able to perform the real situation with sufficient accuracy. Some discrepancies, however, are still found which could be associated with the soil modelling. Some generic results have been included here for preliminary analysis of such structures. It is also concluded that the viscous damping arisen due to its oscillation is relatively small where similar monopod for future development may require a purposed built mechanical damper to reduce its motion.

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