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Southeast Asia Petroleum Exploration Society (SEAPEX)


Offshore South East Asia Conference, 1996
Pages 349-370

Host 2500 Development Program - the Answer to Future Cost Effective Subsea Developments for Shallow, Medium and Deep Water Applications

Bjørn Sættenes


Kongsberg Offshore - KOS, and oil company “partners” - Statoil, Mobil, Elf and Shell, are presently undertaking a joint three year, 17 mill. USD, Development Program, to develop what is expected to be the next generation subsea system. Emphasis is being placed on configurational flexibility and cost effectiveness using rig/moonpool deployable modules as standard building blocks.

Driven by field development needs, the program was established with the specific goal of providing new pieces of technology that contribute to a pre-defined cost reduction in subsea hardware (CAPEX) and/or installation/operating expense (OPEX). In other words, the development program is not aimed at in-depth research activities, but rather on practical development of new systems and products which will fulfill technological and commercial needs for future world wide applications.

The rig deployable system being developed will provide a solution which can be used cost effectively for any water depth down to 2500 m. The central building block of the system is the Hinge Over Subsea Template (HOST). The base case HOST system is deployable from a semisub drilling rig through a moonpool as small as 6 × 5.5 m with a maximum target weight of 25 T per module.

The HOST system can be configured to accommodate on-template wells, pre-drilled wells, conventional cluster and near-manifold cluster solutions. A unique feature of the HOST is that the system can accommodate changes in development philosophy (template or satellite wells, well count, tie-in method, etc.) even after the system has been installed.

This paper focuses on the technological aspects of the joint program and presents the set of sub-projects currently in progress. Additionally, the paper will cover some of the key-issues involved in developing a truly standardized, flexible and cost effective solution which can meet the requirements for deep water oil and gas production.

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