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Treatise of Petroleum Geology / Handbook of Petroleum Geology: Exploring for Oil and Gas Traps, Pages 4-1 — 4-123, Edited by Edward A. Beaumont and Norman H. Foster

Treatise of Petroleum Geology / Handbook of Petroleum Geology: Exploring for Oil and Gas Traps. Chapter 4: Sedimentary Basin Analysis
Copyright © 1999 by The American Association of Petroleum Geologists. All rights reserved.

Chapter 4

Sedimentary Basin Analysis

John M. Armentrout


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armentro.jpg (3219 bytes)John M. Armentrout

John Armentrout is involved in integrated stratigraphic interpretation at Mobil Oil Corp.'s Dallas Technology Center. He received his BS in biology (1964) and MS in geology (1967) from the University of Oregon. He later attended the University of Washington where he received his Ph.D. in geology. After earning his doctorate, John joined Mobil's Alaskan Exploration Group. Subsequent assignments have included production geology, global basin analysis, deepwater clastics, and new exploration ventures. He is also actively involved in professional societies and has served as vice-president of the Dallas Geological Society, president of the Gulf Coast Section SEPM, president of the Society of Sedimentary Geology, 1991 SEPM technical program chair, and 1997 SEPM vice-chair for the AAPG annual meeting hosted by the Dallas Geological Society. His teaching/lecturing experience includes offering an SEPM course on integrated stratigraphic analysis, being named an AAPG Distinguished Lecturer, and being appointed a National Research Council Post-Doctoral Research Associate with the USGS. John's recent publications include papers on Gulf of Mexico Neogene sequence stratigraphy and hydrocarbon geochemistry; sequence stratigraphy of active margin basins in Oregon, Washington, Trinidad, China, and India; and Neogene biostratigraphy and petroleum systems of the Niger Delta.


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