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Treatise of Petroleum Geology/Handbook of Petroleum Geology: Exploring for Oil and Gas Traps, Pages 13-1 - 13-27, Edited by Edward A. Beaumont and Norman H. Foster

Treatise of Petroleum Geology / Handbook of Petroleum Geology: Exploring for Oil and Gas Traps. Chapter 13: Interpreting 3-D Seismic Data
Copyright © 1999 by The American Association of Petroleum Geologists. All rights reserved.

Chapter 13

Interpreting 3-D Seismic Data


Geoffrey A. Dorn


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Dorn.jpg (3528 bytes)Geoff Dorn received his bachelor's degree in astrophysics (1973) from the University of New Mexico and a Ph.D. in geophysics (engineering geoscience, 1980) from the University of California, Berkeley. He joined ARCO's Exploration and Production Technology group in 1980, spending his first two years in seismic acquisition research. From 1982-1987 he directed ARCO's interactive interpretation research group but left management to pursue technical research interests in horizon and volume attribute analysis and 3-D visualization. In 1993 Dorn was named an ARCO Research Advisor for his contributions in 3-D seismic interpretation research and technical service. He returned to management in 1997 to direct ARCO's 3-D visualization research efforts. A member of the SEG Research Committee since 1990, he has helped organize several postconvention research committee workshops and was chairman of the 1993 SEG Summer Research Workshop on 3-D seismology. His interests include 3-D visualization, 3-D seismic interpretation, attribute analysis, and geophysical reservoir characterization. He is an active member of SEG, EAGE, and AAPG.


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