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Treatise of Petroleum Geology/Handbook of Petroleum Geology: Exploring for Oil and Gas Traps, Pages 20-1  -  20-70, Edited by Edward A. Beaumont and Norman H. Foster

Treatise of Petroleum Geology / Handbook of Petroleum Geology: Exploring for Oil and Gas Traps. Chapter 20: Exploring for Structural Traps
Copyright © 1999 by The American Association of Petroleum Geologists. All rights reserved.

Chapter 20

Exploring for Structural Traps


R.A. Nelson, T.L. Patton, and S. Serra


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Nelson.jpg (3059 bytes)R.A. Nelson

Ronald Nelson is currently a Geology Discipline Coach in Amoco Corporation's Exploration and Technology Group in Houston. His research interests include fractured reservoir analysis and predictions, rift tectonics and sedimentation, and quantification of trap definition risk. He holds geology degrees from Northern Illinois University (B.A.) and Texas A&M University (M.S., Ph.D.).


Patton.jpg (3291 bytes)T.L. Patton

Tom Patton is a geologist with Amoco Corporation. He has participated in exploration programs for structural traps in the North American Cordillera, the Middle East, and Africa. His research interests include mathematical and laboratory models of structures and their application to the interpretation of subsurface traps.He holds geology degrees from Muskingum College (B.S.), University of Alaska (M.S.), and Texas A&M University.


Serra.jpg (3373 bytes)S. Serra

Sandro Serra is currently a geological associate in Amoco Corporation's Exploration and Technology group in Houston. He is involved in structural geology consulting, specializing in thrust terranes, physical modeling, restoration and balancing of structure cross sections, and 3-D computer-aided visualization of complex structures. He holds geology degrees from City College of New York (B.S.), Syracuse University (M.S.), and Texas A&M University (Ph.D.).


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