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Pub. Id: A026 (1936)

First Page: 170

Last Page: 191

Book Title: SP 29: Gulf Coast Oil Fields

Article/Chapter: Relation of Geophysics to Salt-Dome Structures

Subject Group: Field Studies

Spec. Pub. Type: Special Volume

Pub. Year: 1936

Author(s): J. Brian Eby (2), Robert P. Clark (3)


This paper presents eighteen geophysical maps covering nine salt domes and deep-seated structures of the Texas and Louisiana Gulf Coast. Two shallow domes, namely, Moss Bluff and Fannett, are given. Fannett is a gravity maximum, and Moss Bluff is a combination of a gravity minimum and maximum. The Sugarland dome is given as an example of a medium-depth structure, which is indicated by the torsion balance as a minimum. Six deep-seated structures are shown, including Sheppards Mott, Pledger, Mykawa, Tomball, Livingston, and English Bayou-Gillis. The deeper-seated structures invariably show a gravity-minimum influence.

A Previous HitrefractionTop seismograph map of Moss Bluff is given, and reflection-seismograph maps are given for Sheppards Mott, Tomball, and English Bayou-Gillis. A magnetic map of the Fannett field is likewise presented.

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