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Pub. Id: A026 (1936)

First Page: 631

Last Page: 647

Book Title: SP 29: Gulf Coast Oil Fields

Article/Chapter: Government Wells Oil Field, Duval County, Texas

Subject Group: Field Studies

Spec. Pub. Type: Special Volume

Pub. Year: 1936

Author(s): John Trenchard (2), J. Barney Whisenant (2)


The Government Wells field of Duval County, southwest Texas, has been proved one of the most economically attractive shallow fields in the state. The paper presents a short history of the field, its past development, drilling, and operating conditions. The surface and subsurface geology of the area is explained, including data on various sand members. Completion of the wells, bottom-hole pressures, potentials, operating methods, water encroachment, and ultimate recovery are discussed.

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