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Pub. Id: A005 (1941)

First Page: 118

Last Page: 138

Book Title: SP 11: Stratigraphic Type Oil Fields

Article/Chapter: Wherry Pool, Rice County, Kansas

Subject Group: Field Studies

Spec. Pub. Type: Special Volume

Pub. Year: 1941

Author(s): Harold E. McNeil (2)


The Wherry pool is producing from a stratigraphic trap. The pool is situated on the homoclinal southeastern flank of the Central Kansas uplift. The geologic history of the Wherry pool is closely related to that of the uplift. The oil is produced from a chert zone in the Sooy conglomerate at the base of the Pennsylvanian system. The pool covers approximately 5,700 acres. Per-acre ultimate recovery for the pool is expected to be low.

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