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Pub. Id: A010 (1972)

First Page: 440

Last Page: 452

Book Title: M 16: Stratigraphic Oil and Gas Fields--Classification, Exploration Methods, and Case Histories

Article/Chapter: Zama--A Geophysical Case History: Case Histories

Subject Group: Field Studies

Spec. Pub. Type: Memoir

Pub. Year: 1972

Author(s): Hugh Evans

Editor(s): Robert E. King


Following the discovery of the Rainbow "A" pool 50 mi (80 km) southwest of the town of Zama in northwestern Alberta, several miles of fivefold CDP Vibroseis data were recorded at Rainbow as a template for future exploration. For comparison with several hundred miles of preexisting non-CDP, non-Previous HittapeTop-recorded data, the template data were picked and plotted on a time section. Patterns were found in the template indicating the presence of Middle Devonian pinnacle reefs. A study of the old data revealed similar patterns in the Zama area and led to additional CDP shooting and to the discovery of the Zama pool. A deconvolution program, which improved character consistency, was used for determining well locations.

Current seismic control consists of several hundred miles of 600 percent, and some 900 percent, CDP coverage at an all-inclusive average cost of $1,530/mi ($950/km). To date, 29 oil and gas wells have been completed in the Keg River-Zama section and 1 oil and 4 gas wells in the Bistcho (Upper Elk Point); in addition, all of these wells produce gas from the Slave Point.

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