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Pub. Id: A010 (1972)

First Page: 453

Last Page: 459

Book Title: M 16: Stratigraphic Oil and Gas Fields--Classification, Exploration Methods, and Case Histories

Article/Chapter: North Knox City Field, Knox County, Texas: Case Histories

Subject Group: Field Studies

Spec. Pub. Type: Memoir

Pub. Year: 1972

Author(s): J. C. Harwell, W. R. Rector (2)

Editor(s): Robert E. King


The North Knox City field, discovered in 1950, has produced more than 10 million bbl of oil from a Middle Pennsylvanian (Canyon) carbonate build-up. The field is located along the northeastern edge of the Midland basin as it existed during deposition of the lower Canyon. The discovery well was the second test drilled as a result of reflection seismic surveys conducted in 1946 and 1949. The tests were located on a Caddo (lower Strawn) seismic structure, the presence of which was indicated by erratic, steeply dipping reflections from the lower Canyon on the periphery of the feature. Present subsurface control indicates that no Caddo structure exists. The reflection-time "high" was a Previous HitvelocityNext Hit "pull-up" caused by the overlying high-Previous HitvelocityTop carbonate buildup. Recent seismic d ta (1966) over the field are of special interest because the buildup itself appears with remarkable clarity on the seismic section.

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