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Pub. Id: A031 (1985)

First Page: 31

Last Page: 48

Book Title: SG 20: Alaska North Slope Oil-Rock Correlation Study: Analysis of North Slope Crude

Article/Chapter: Alaskan North Slope Petroleum Geochemistry for the Shublik Formation, Kingak Shale, Pebble Shale Unit, and Torok Formation: INTRODUCTORY PAPERS

Subject Group: Geochemistry, Generation, Migration

Spec. Pub. Type: Studies in Geology

Pub. Year: 1985

Author(s): L. B. Magoon, K. J. Bird


Petroleum source-rock richness, type, and thermal maturity for four rock units under the Alaskan North Slope are determined from four geochemical analyses (organic-carbon content, C15+ hydrocarbon content, elemental analyses, and vitrinite reflectance) of samples from 84 wells and 16 outcrops. Contour maps of organic-carbon content indicate that the average richness for the Shublik Formation, Kingak Shale, pebble shale unit, and Torok Formation is 1.7, 1.5, 2.4, and 1.2 wt%, respectively. The organic-carbon content of the Shublik Formation, Kingak Shale, and pebble shale unit increases from west to east and downdip in the Prudhoe Bay area. Elemental analyses of kerogen plotted on a van Krevelen diagram indicate: (1) the Shublik Formation is Type II/III in the w st but Type I in the Prudhoe Bay area; (2) the Kingak Shale is Type II/III across the Slope but Type II in the Prudhoe Bay area; (3) the pebble shale unit and Torok Formation both tend toward Type III even though the former is higher in organic-carbon content. Contour maps of vitrinite reflectance drawn on the pebble shale unit unconformity and at the top of the Torok indicate all four units are immature to marginally mature over the Barrow arch and mature to overmature in the Colville trough. Carbon isotope data for the saturated and aromatic fractions of the C15+ hydrocarbons from rock extracts suggest possible source-rock correlations with similar data for four North Slope oil types (Umiat, Simpson, pebble shale, and Kingak), but no obvious correlation of the Barrow-Prudhoe oil type with any of the four source rocks.

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