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Pub. Id: A031 (1985)

First Page: 95

Last Page: 121

Book Title: SG 20: Alaska North Slope Oil-Rock Correlation Study: Analysis of North Slope Crude

Article/Chapter: Alaska North Slope Oil-Source Rock Correlation Study: BASIC SOURCE ROCK EVALUATION AND CARBON ISOTOPE

Subject Group: Geochemistry, Generation, Migration

Spec. Pub. Type: Studies in Geology

Pub. Year: 1985

Author(s): L. A. Burkley (*), J. R. Castano


Fifteen rock and 9 oils samples from the North Slope of Alaska were analyzed by Shell Development Company as part of a joint oil-source rock correlation study sponsored by the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS). When sample size and/or organic richness permitted, the following rock and oil analyses were made: C10-C35 saturate hydrocarbons by gas chromatography, C7 composition by gas-liquid chromatography, 3, 4, 5-ring naphthene distribution, and carbon isotope abundance measurements by mass spectrometry. Topped oils were analyzed for their gross composition (C15+). Vitrinite reflectance, visual kerogen, total organic carbon, and pyrolysis FID were determined for the rock samples. About one-half the rock samples are either at too high a maturity or are too lean in organic carbon to be viewed with total confidence for oil-source rock correlation interpretations, particularly in light of the limited number of samples in this study. At least two oils are though to be transformed. Carbon isotopic ratios from oil and rock samples in this study indicate that the Triassic Shublik Formation is the source rock for one or more of the North Slope oils.

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