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Pub. Id: A031 (1985)

First Page: 593

Last Page: 617

Book Title: SG 20: Alaska North Slope Oil-Rock Correlation Study: Analysis of North Slope Crude

Article/Chapter: Comparison of Molecular Markers in Crude Oils and Rocks from the North Slope of Alaska: SOURCE ROCK EVALUATION AND BIOMARKERS

Subject Group: Geochemistry, Generation, Migration

Spec. Pub. Type: Studies in Geology

Pub. Year: 1985

Author(s): K. A. Kvenvolden, J. B. Rapp, J. H. Bourell


For purposes of oil-rock correlations, we compared distributions and ratios of the following aliphatic hydrocarbons in 15 rock and 9 oil samples from the North Slope of Alaska: n-alkanes (C14 to C28), pristane and phytane, tricyclic and pentacyclic terpanes, and steranes and diasteranes. From the results we classified most of the oil samples into two groups, called Prudhoe type and Umiat type. Rock samples were also classified into two groups. Because of similarities in molecular marker patterns, we believe that the hydrocarbons in the two groups of rocks are genetically related to the two oil types: The Shublik Formation and Kingak Shale are among the likely sources for Prudhoe-type oils, and the pebble shale unit and the Torok Formation are the mos likely sources for Umiat-type oils.

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