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Pub. Id: A031 (1985)

First Page: 671

Last Page: 678

Book Title: SG 20: Alaska North Slope Oil-Rock Correlation Study: Analysis of North Slope Crude

Article/Chapter: North Slope Oil-Rock Correlation Study: SPECIALIZED OR STATISTICAL APPROACHES

Subject Group: Geochemistry, Generation, Migration

Spec. Pub. Type: Studies in Geology

Pub. Year: 1985

Author(s): I. Dumke


Fluorescence analysis in a wide range of excitation and emission was applied to 9 oils and 14 sediment extracts from the Alaskan North Slope. Correlation coefficients calculated from the spectra led to grouping of oils and extracts. Similarities between some spectra of the oils and spectra of the extracts are seen. The classification found with this method is essentially in agreement with other geochemical correlation data.

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